Why Look at Medical Gap Cover FAQ in South Africa

December 19, 2021

Medical gap cover FAQ follows:

  • These medical gap cover FAQ can make it that you don’t need to phone the medical gap cover providers
  • You can discover what medical gap cover is
  • You’ll know where to find gap cover
  • Waiting periods and exclusions will be explained
  • You’ll be able to determine the cost of gap cover

Medical Gap Cover FAQ – Understand Your Need for It

Many South Africans battle to understand their medical aids. You may research medical aid plans and discover that some offer both general treatments services as well hospital plans. The more extensive the health cover is that you want, the bigger your premium will be.

Medical Gap Cover FAQWhen looking to buy medical cover and medical gap cover, it is important to make sure that they suit your needs and your budget. We look at some of the most asked questions there are about medical gap cover in South Africa.

We look at some questions that people want answering surrounding medical gap cover –

Q1: Why must I get gap cover?

Medical aid members have a shortfall between what the medical scheme pays and what the specialist charges. This shortfall is the responsibility of the member who will need to have gap cover if they can’t pay for this shortfall. Gap Cover pays these differences up to a maximum of 500% of tariff.

Q2: Can Anyone apply for gap cover?

Anybody who belongs to a registered medical aid can apply for medical gap cover.

Q3: What happens if I join another Medical Scheme?

It makes no difference as gap cover operates individually. It continues to operate, provided that medical scheme members keep their monthly payments up to date.

Q4: Where must I look to find gap cover?

There are quite a number of these South African companies offering this coverage. Same leading names where you can start looking are Stratum, Zestlife, Turnberry, Sanlam as medical aids such as Discovery and Bonitas, but there are many others.

Q5: Can I get medical gap cover through my medical aid?

No. Medical aids offer gap cover, yes, but as we’ve said, gap cover is something completely different to medical aid. It is short-term insurance.

Q6: Is all Gap Cover the same – are there different options?

There are some common factors, and most gap cover companies offer at least a basic plan as well as more comprehensive plans. Some gap cover plans offer out-of-hospital treatment cover as well.

Q7: Is gap cover affordable?

Yes, if you do the research you can find gap cover that starts at R60 a month. Most are in the region of R175 to R250 a month.

Q8: What are waiting periods?

Each gap cover provider offers different waiting periods, but once again there are some aspects that remain the same. You’ll find generally that pre-existing conditions are excluded for 6 or 12 months after the commencement date of the policy.

Q9: What Exclusions will I have to contend with?

The list of exclusions includes things such as cosmetic surgery and treatment for obesity. Dentistry is also not usually covered in the basic policies, but if dentistry is required because of an injury or a dread illness like cancer, it will be covered. of an accident or something like cancer, it will be covered.

Q10. When do Gap Cover Policies Terminate?

There is no specific age limit that says your policy comes to an end.

With the medical gap cover FAQ, it’s hoped that you’ll be more aware of your need for gap cover and also be confident of it being able to solve your medical treatment financial problems.


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