Sirago Gap Cover is a Supplement to Medical Aid

February 25, 2022

You may have believed your medical aid would pay for all your medical bills, but they won’t. Many a medical aid member has been left financially broke because of the inadequacies of their medical aid. Gap cover from Sirago could be the answer.

Have you heard how medical top-up insurance or gap cover can help you? This gap cover is an insurance product. It will take care of those bills your medical aid doesn’t pay.

Invest in ongoing medical treatments

In South Africa, having gap cover is of utmost importance. Without gap cover, prepare to receive massive medical bills that your medical aid won’t cover.

It’s appalling to know there are people requiring a medical procedure but who have to put it off. This is because their medical aid won’t pay and they don’t have the money to pay for it either.

Pick your  Sirago gap cover to suit your pocket

South Africa has some good medical gap cover providers. Sirago is one of these. They are an authorised financial services provider offering gap cover products at reasonable rates.

Sirago Gap Cover Reviews, Brochure and Rates

They are underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited. Their gap cover focuses on the provision of excellent financial protection for policyholders and beneficiaries of all ages.

The benchmark for determining your gap cover premium with Sirago is determined on whether you join as an individual, a couple or family. Other factors that come into play is the prospective policyholder’s age at the time they join.

Sirago for corporates

Sirago also offers gap cover for corporates. Sirago Corporate comes with a specialised service team to ensure everyone enjoys focused responses.

The corporate cover covers in- and out-of-hospital benefits, cancer benefits as well as value-added benefits.

Membership is available to employees as part of a group. They work out premiums according to the Sirago Rating Tool.

Gap cover sorted with key essentials

Sirago offers several gap cover plans –

  • Gov Gap
  • Exact with Gap and Co-pay Cover
  • Exact cover
  • Gap-Lite cover
  • Gap Assist cover
  • Plus gap cover
  • Ultimate gap cover


The most comprehensive gap cover

The Ultimate gap cover is the most comprehensive option of the seven choices. It offers a host of benefits as Sirago gap cover reviews show.

The older you are the higher your monthly premium. This gap cover settles claims at an additional 500% above the medical scheme rate. The plan offers in- and out-of-hospital benefits, cancer benefits and value-added benefits. The cancer co-payment benefit for instance is applied once the cancer benefit of your medical scheme has been reached.

Other requirements from Sirago

You have to belong to a registered medical aid if you want gap cover from Sirago.

Sirago has a 3 month general waiting period  for all new policies except in the event of an accident.

You can apply for medical gap cover online with Sirago. If you have any queries, you can also make use of their online query form.

Have a strategy to beat the medical aid

Sirago Gap Cover is imperative because by now you’ve discovered that your medical aid premiums don’t give you complete cover.

You need to understand how their coverage works, because when it says it offers 100% coverage, that by no means you’re safe and sound. Learn from your mistakes and invest in good gap cover.

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All info was correct at time of publishing