Curemed is Another Gap Cover Offering

December 11, 2021

So you think you’re getting 100% medical aid cover for a hospital stay, don’t you? This is where many people fall short. 100% does not equal comprehensive cover. Curemed gap cover covers the gap in your medical aid plan.

Medical specialists usually charge a lot more than 100% of the medical scheme rate.

And it’s you that has to pay up for the shortfall. That is unless you have gap cover.

All Medical aid members can sign up for medical gap cover here. Request a quote by completing and sending the form on this page

Curemed Gap Cover is an Essential Add on to your Medical Aid Plan in South Africa

Gap cover isn’t just a part of a medical aid policy. It doesn’t fall under the Medical Schemes Act.

Curemed gap cover is medical gap cover that acts as a supplement to your current medical aid policy.

Curemed Gap Cover

Read the small print on your medical insurance quotes. You’ll notice that there will always be shortfalls that you will have to meet. If you take out gap cover, these expenses are refunded to you and not the specialists.

You are then responsible for settling those shortfall bills, but Curemed has you covered.

No Matter which Medical Aid Scheme you Belong to – You Qualify

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently with Liberty medical aid or Momentum health, for example. Once your medical aid has paid all the necessary parties, your Curemed gap cover will be paid over to you.

Just think about how expensive a stay in hospital is. Even if your medical aid covers say, 200% of the cost, there’s always going to be extra bills to pay. Curemed gap cover is your peace of mind.

Gap Cover Guarantees no Extra Expenses – Hooray!

With gap cover from Curemed  you can enjoy up to 500% of the scheme rate for
in-hospitalisation expenses. So there won’t be any extra costs or financial woes to add to your worries.

Curemed gap cover also assists with co-payments that your medical aid might require you to pay for hospital procedures.

With Curemed gap cover as a supplement to your Discovery health medical aid or Genesis medical aid you will enjoy:

  • One premium to cover the entire family
  • Gap cover that pays up to 500% of scheme rates directly to you
  • Group scheme rates when needed


Make Sure You’re Completely Insured

Imagine having to use the hard-earned cash you were saving for a holiday on hospital expenses. Don’t be caught out in an emergency. Get completely covered with gap cover.

Gap cover is peace of mind and financial protection. In today’s fiscal times, you cannot be without it.

All Medical aid members can sign up for medical gap cover here. First request a quote by completing and sending the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing