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December 11, 2021

Talksure Gap Cover Details

Consumers simply want to know that the medical aid they belong to will pay for their medical procedures in full. Because this doesn’t happen, many South Africans have high levels of debt. Some have even become bankrupt because of having to pay for high medical bills their health scheme wouldn’t pay. Given this scenario, it’s evident that medical aid members need gap cover. By adding supplementary products such as gap cover to your medical aid, South Africans can remove anxieties about protecting their health. That is why you as a medical aid member should consider Talksure Gap Cover.

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Go for Respected Gap Cover Providers

There are many reputable gap cover providers in South Africa of which Talksure is one. They were established in 2010 and are a respected licensed independent Financial Service Provider. They offer a range of products and services aimed at the personal protection of their members.


Talksure’s Gap Cover is Affordable

Talksure’s Customer Contact Centre enables them to speak to thousands of potential clients every day. These clients are interested in Talksure because their gap cover is basic and affordable. Talksure has premiums starting at R104 per month. Gap cover can go up to as much as 500%, depending on options taken.

Their Gap Direct is a medical aid gap cover option which pays for the amount which your medical aid is willing to pay and what your unregulated specialist charges. Talksure knows that most medical aids only cover 100% of medical practitioner’s costs. However, these experts can charge anything up to 500% above the standard medical aid rate.

Gap Direct works with your medical aid, providing cover from 100% up to 500% of the physician cost for in-hospital procedures and also some outpatient procedures. You can call Talksure at +27 (0) 860 333 343.

With Talksure, you’ve got a12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy. These waiting periods apply to most gap cover plans. Claiming with Talksure is also easy when you’ve got the right paperwork they require. They will pay all money directly to you for settlement and not to the doctors.

In South Africa, medical schemes offer many options from which you can choose. When you choose a medical scheme, you’ll notice that they will reimburse specialists at 100%, 200% or 300% of the scheme rate. Most people assume this means that their medical plans fully covers them.  Medical practitioners aren’t regulated in South Africa. That means they can charge just what they want. That is also always well more than the medical scheme tariff rates.


Gap cover from Talksure will ensure that you don’t have to go into the new year dreading every medical treatment you require.

Gap cover from Talksure doesn’t form part of your medical scheme membership.  It’s a supplement to it.

The value of having Gap is so important – even for members of medical scheme options where they pay 300% of the scheme rate. Their gap cover isn’t dependent on a particular medical scheme either, and you can change medical plans, but your Talksure gap cover goes with you.

Isn’t it time you stressed less? Therefore, you should call Talksure today and make sure that your medical aid and gap cover are just one less thing to worry about in 2017.


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