Medical Shortfall Solutions

December 14, 2021

Medical shortfall solutions. What’s that? To many South Africans, it’s a foreign term. But gap cover has become a necessary supplement to medical aid policies.

Just take a look at the state of the public hospitals in the country.

You’ll understand why it’s important to have a reliable hospital plan, at the least. But you also need medical shortfall solutions.

Take a closer look at the medical aid schemes.  Just about all of them have some hidden shortfall.

Medical aid members can apply for a medical gap cover quote
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What is a Medical Aid Shortfall and How does It Affect My Family and Me?

Medical shortfall solutions cover medical scheme shortfalls. The shortfalls are those expenses that are still outstanding after a hospital stay. That is after your medical aid has paid out.

Some Medical Shortfall Solutions

These medical shortfall solutions are also known as gap cover. That is how it works. Your medical Medical Shortfall Solutionsaid pays 100% of in-hospital tariffs. But health care providers can charge as much as 400% of that regular tariff. And you’re left with the 300% shortfall.

Without gap cover, you’re left liable for that cost. So, can you afford to be without gap cover?

Whether you’re a member of Fedhealth medical aid, Nedgroup medical aid or Liberty medical aid scheme, there is simply no immunity to shortfalls.

You need to protect yourself with medical shortfall solutions. Even if it’s only for peace of mind. But you’ll be protecting your pockets too.

Why Does Medical Aid Sometimes Not Cover Everything

Even top medical aid schemes like Discovery or Momentum don’t cover all the costs involved with a hospital stay. And service provider fees are simply exorbitant.

Medical shortfall solutions act like an insurance policy and a supplement to your medical aid. Gap cover offers cover when you need it – like when you’re lying in hospital.

Not all procedures are covered in full by medical aid schemes. So you need insurance to help you pay the shortfall amount in full.

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Why Do You Need Medical Short Fall Solutions?

As we’ve said, medical shortfall solutions will protect you from financial ruin. Are you able to predict the future?

Do you know exactly when an accident will happen? Or when you might fill critically ill and require hospitalisation? No one can.

If these things happen and you don’t have gap cover you might end up spending your entire savings on medical bills. And just think about the added stress that comes with worrying about where to get that kind of money!

We all know stress is bad for us. That’s why gap cover will help you to sleep better.

From Discovery Health medical aid to Genesis medical aid whichever scheme you’re with, you qualify for gap cover.

Medical aid members can apply for a single medical gap cover quote for the whole family by completing and sending the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing