Cheaper Medical Aid is Possible

December 18, 2021

So you are looking for cheaper medical aid, are you?

Are you thinking of dumping your medical scheme membership?

That won’t be necessary.

There is another solution

Achieve Cheaper Medical Aid This Way

First, do NOT dump your current medical aid.

You need to be with a registered medical scheme to get the best benefits.

However, you SHOULD consider getting a cheaper medical aid version.

So if you have comprehensive, for instance, then go one level down.

You will pay lower premiums, so that’s a saving already.

But won’t you be compromising your cover, you ask?

Sure you will. A cheaper medical aid option has less cover than a more expensive one. Maybe cover goes from 300% of the Medical Schemes Tariff (MST) down to 200%, for instance.

Counterintuitively, that’s okay.

Why, how can that be, you ask?

Well, you then get affordable gap cover from one of the many excellent companies out there.

These include Zestlife, Stratum and Complimed.

No matter how many dependents you have on your medical aid, the gap cover policy will pay any shortfall between what your medical aid pays out and what hospitals, specialists, etc. charge.

And gap cover is cheap, make no mistake.

From R219 you can cover everyone on your medical aid.

Cheaper Medical Aid

Let Us Summarise

Get a less expensive version of your medical aid with the same medical scheme you have currently.

That should save you a couple of thousand rands right there.

Then get hold of a gap cover company to insure against any possible medical expense shortfalls in future.

That will cost a couple of hundred bucks.

So you score, and you save while giving your whole family full medical cover.

It is as easy as that.

Find out now how easy it is to save on medical aid.

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All info was correct at time of publishing