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December 9, 2021

Gap cover from Liberty is for those who are serious about ensuring that they and their family get the best medical care. Importantly, they don’t want to deal with high medical bills appearing. Find medical gap cover and sign up now. Otherwise, you can expect huge medical bills to come rolling in. But with gap cover, you eliminate such a grim scenario.

Find Gap Cover – Liberty’s Customers Are All-Important

Liberty realises that their clients are concerned about their health. And they know that health is a most precious asset.  Because of this, Liberty has solutions for their customers. So they source the best healthcare solutions to protect them from unplanned expenses.

In particular, they bring the best providers in each medical field so that they can offer solutions for their clients with their varying needs. Liberty realises that there are very few South Africans who can afford to take chances without cover, especially when things go wrong at the most unexpected times.

Find Medical Gap Cover from Liberty Sanlam Discovery

Liberty ranks high as being one of the top gap cover suppliers in South Africa.  And yet you might still be asking what gap cover is? Gap cover is a short-term insurance which covers those shortfalls between your medical aid rates and what some practitioners or specialists charge. And Liberty is there to help you cover those shortfalls.

Find Gap Cover – What Will Liberty Gap Cover Offer You

Liberty guarantees cover for all medical aid members who apply. In addition, there are no age limits and no restrictions on the number of children that get cover.

A spouse who is a member of a different medical aid can also have cover under this policy. There are critical and necessary benefits that you will receive on insuring you and your family on Liberty’s gap cover. For instance, 500% of the medical scheme tariff is covered when you are in the hospital plus you will receive 50 out-patient procedures. Significantly, other incredible benefits include –

  • Annual policy limit R160 000
  • PMB – prescribed minimum benefit conditions covered. And the cover extends above your medical scheme limits
  • Benefit of co-payments
  • Specific procedure co-payments and hospital admissions covered with R160 000 annual limit.


Other benefits of Liberty Gap Cover

  • Counselling for trauma
  • Accident benefits
  • Cancer sub-limit co-payment



If you have never thought of gap cover before, then you need to think about it as soon as possible, so you are not caught off guard. In summary, if you are a medical aid member, you can apply for a free no-pressure quote. All you need to do is complete the form on the Liberty website – and you will be so relieved you did.

To get a gap cover quote, just complete and send the form on this page


All info was correct at time of publishing