Why stress? Let Gap cover take the weight

December 19, 2021

A Medical aid plan today often cannot match up to medical specialist fees. Because of this, you need to get stress-free Gap cover.

There is an ever widening gap between medical costs and medical scheme rates. This has led to many patients finding themselves financially in trouble.

Get stress-free Gap cover And get out of Trouble

You are now able to buy medical aid gap cover. Should you suddenly fall ill or involved in an accident, gap insurance takes care of the bills.

Make no mistake, specialist fees are on the rise. And the difference between the hospital bill and your scheme’s tariff rates can ruin you financially. Scheme rates are worked out along defined lines, but real life is not. Unfortunate things happen all the time.

Guard yourself against financial risk by getting a gap cover quote today.

Get stress-free Gap cover

All info was correct at time of publishing