How to take out gap cover

December 11, 2021

The internet makes it easy to take out gap cover. All you have to do is use the contact form on this page. Add your personal information to the form (first name, surname, email and cell number). Then answer the three questions that follow –

  1. What time during the day would you prefer to take calls?
  2. Do you have medical aid? (You have to choose between “yes” and “no”)
  3. Then you choose which province in South Africa you live in (just select)
  4. Finally you use the button marked “Get a Quote” to submit the information
  5. We will then be in touch to discuss taking out gap cover

Before you take out gap cover, read the following:

What is gap cover exactly? In short, if you find that your medical aid will not pay all of your hospital and specialist bills, then gap cover takes care of the difference between what the medical aid will pay and the actual bills.

Take out gap cover on this page

Remember that this brilliant product is for South Africans who belong to registered medical schemes only. It does not matter if you are member of an open scheme, such as Medihelp or Discovery Health, or a restricted scheme, like GEMS or Transmed. You can cover your co-payment gap with gap insurance.

Remember also that your policy comes from a totally different organisation than your medical aid. In fact, when you take out shortfall insurance it comes from a short-term insurance firm so in that sense it has nothing to do with a medical aid.

Shortfall insurance is totally different from medical aid

All that yourinsurance company will ask you is what medical aid you are with and what plan you are on. They will work out your quote based on that information.

The good news is that a single policy covers ALL the beneficiaries of your medical aid. That is because the insurance firm is insuring your co-payments and not the people on the plan.

Go ahead now – complete and submit the form on this page. We will help you to with insurance that takes effect immediately.


All info was correct at time of publishing