Leading Company for Medical Gap Cover in South Africa

December 11, 2021

You are a member of a top medical aid in South Africa. So it makes sense that you will want to have a leading company supply your complementary gap cover.

Note that medical schemes themselves do not offer gap cover. In fact, the law forbids them from offering anything other than hospitals plans and medical plans.

That is why specialist insurers offer gap insurance to South African medical aid members.

Why do I need gap cover anyway?

It is a good question. You are probably paying thousands monthly in medical aid premiums. Why then buy gap cover too?

It’s simple. Today most medical schemes will not pay your full medical costs. Unfortunately, the average medical aid members is finding that they have to pay out huge amounts in co-payments – those amounts that the medical aids refuse to pay.

It is not that medical aids are difficult. They are limited to their Tariff Lists, which indicate how much they should pay for any particular specialist consultation, hospital stay, medication and clinical procedures.

There is nothing you can to about it right?

Wrong. You can take out gap insurance, also called top up cover, to insure the shortfall.

Leading Company for Gap Cover for Medical Aid Members

How do I contact a leading company for gap cover?

You have come to the right place. We have created a partnership with a top firm for gap cover. By completing and submitting the form on this page, an agent from Zestlife will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Rest assured that gap cover is affordable. You can expect to pay no more that the equivalent of 5% to 10% of your medical aid premium per month, depending on which medical plan you are on.

And the good news is that Zestlife provides gap cover for any medical scheme in South Africa that is registered with the Council for Medical Schemes.

In addition, all the beneficiaries on your plan are covered by a single gap policy.

Act now! Complete and submit the form on this page to receive a quotation
from a leading company and sign up for gap cover.


All info was correct at time of publishing