Do this online during lockdown – for the family

December 15, 2021

Lockdown makes you feel trapped and helpless.

But there is one thing you can do during the Covid-19 lockdown for your family:

On this page you can get gap cover for your family.

Why do this during lockdown?

The purpose of gap cover is to strengthen your medical aid.

In the event you have to go to hospital to receive specialist care, gap insurance will “fill in the gaps”.

That means you won’t receive co-payment bills.

Those are the shortfall amounts that your medical aid will not pay!.

Sure, you don’t wish to be in hospital in these tough times.

But should you have to go to hospital for something serious, at least you should not be saddled with huge bills as well.

Gap cover is the answer

  • As long as you are on a registered medical aid, you qualify for gap cover.
  • Here is the full list of registered South African medical aids.
  • Everyone on your medical aid gets cover from a single gap cover policy.
  • There is no waiting period.
  • You can sign up by email and phone.
  • And having gap cover means never having to pay hefty medical expenses out of your own pocket.


During Covid-19 lockdown you can still do this for the family


How much does gap cover cost?

You can expect to pay 5% to 10% of the equivalent of your monthly medical aid premium on gap cover.

So if your monthly medical aid premium is R4000, then your gap cover premium will cost roughly R400 per month.

There are add-ons as well – for cancer, heart disease and other conditions which, if you land up needing treatment for, will cost a fortune.

Act now! Protect yourself and your loved ones. We are waiting for your call.

Please complete and submit the form on this page — if you already have medical aid. We will supply you with a tailored quote and assist you in the signing up process.

All info was correct at time of publishing