No Need to Panic About NHI

December 18, 2021

No need to panic – the government’s planned universal healthcare aka National Health Insurance (NHI) will take a decade to kick in – if it ever kicks in at all.

Some experts say the insurance will take six to ten years from now to begin. And that will depend on the government somehow finding tens of billions of rands to fund the programme.

This in a country where the electricity supply is faltering and government can’t run municipalities and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) let alone a national health system.

That’s why some OTHER experts call the NHI “pie in the sky” and believe it will never become a reality.

Don't panic about National Health Insurance

Be calm and insure your health this way:

  • Review your medical scheme membership. Make sure the plan you are on, whether it is a hospital plan or comprehensive medical aid cover.
  • Take out supplementary gap cover. This special insurance will cover any medical aid co-payments you may experience, with some limited exceptions. (You can get a quote for gap cover by completing and submitting the form on this page.) The good news is that gap cover for medical aid is cheap. Get a no-obligation quote for proof!
  • Tip: When creating your health plan, you need not go for an expensive medical scheme option. A cheap one might be just as good as long as you add gap cover to the plan. Ask your gap cover expert for advice. (Contact one by using the form on this page.)


No panic from Discovery Health!

If any business should be panicking about the introduction of NHI it would be Discovery Health, South Africa’s largest medical aid. But Adrian Gore is not worried at all. In fact, he is possibly bullish about Discovery Health. Word has it that Discovery could even help to operate some form of NHI.

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All info was correct at time of publishing