PMGZA Gap Cover for Members of South African Medical Aids

December 18, 2021

Gap Cover bridges the shortfall between stipulated medical aid tariffs and the charges imposed by the medical profession for in-hospital treatments. Read further for more on PMGZA gap cover.

So this short-term insurance should be seriously considered by members of medical aid schemes to ensure that they are financially covered for all hospital treatments.

Why Gap Cover?

  • Thousands of medical aid members have had to face the nightmare of crippling financial shortfalls for hospitalisation. Gap cover insurance has solved the problem.
  • While medical schemes state they will pay 100% of hospital bills, members often fail to READ the fine print of their contract about the cost.
  • So medical Aids stipulate ceiling amounts for various treatments.
  • That is all the schemes will pay. Gap cover pays the difference for low premiums starting at R99.

Private practitioners such as surgeons and anaesthetists are NOT OBLIGED to stick to those tariffs and more often than not impose bills far more than what medical aids will pay.

Gap Cover will settle that difference by up to 500% more than the medical aid rates.

Why choose PMGZA Gap Cover?

  • There is NO maximum entry age – up to 65 years
  • NO annuaPMGZA Gap Coverl limits
  • NO excess payments


What PMGZA Covers

  • Fees for registered members of the medical profession including:
  • Surgeons, Gynaecologists, anaesthetists, pathologists and radiologists
  • In-hospital optometry and dental procedures
  • Insurance for five family members – two adults and three children
  • Insurance for minors up to the age of 21 years
  • Also, extended insurance for minors up to the age of 25 years if studying full-time – documented proof must be provided


Advantages – PMGZA Gap Cover

  • PMGZA Gap Cover is available to members of any medical aid schemes
  • PMGZA pays the Gap Cover Insurance benefits directly into the principal member’s bank account
  • Also, single members enjoy lower monthly premiums


Further Benefits – PMGZA Gap Cover

  • NO three month waiting period – the general norm with most Gap Cover insurers
  • Emergency treatment costs of up to R3 000 per policy. That only applies to accident and trauma incidents
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits
  • Out-Patient cover
  • Also, family members do NOT all have to be members of the same medical aid scheme to qualify for PMG Gap Cover



Terms and conditions of the cover may vary depending on applicant requirements.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that members READ the fine print of contracts to fully understand the Gap Cover amounts payable in times of illness.

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All info was correct at time of publishing