Quick way to get gap cover for your medical aid

December 16, 2021

Is there a quick way to get medical aid gap cover?

There certainly is. Just complete the short form on this page, then click on the Get Quote button to get a personalised quotation fast.

But first, you may have questions about gap cover. We can help. Here is a quick guide to gap cover.

What exactly is gap cover?

Well, gap cover is absolutely NOT medical aid.

These are two entirely different products offered by two entirely different kinds of institutions.

A quick way to understand the difference is this:

  • Only medical schemes registered with the Council for Medical Schemes in South Africa may offer medical aid plans
  • Only short-term insurance companies recognised by the Financial Services Board my offer gap cover insurance
  • You can only get gap insurance if you alread belong to a medical scheme


Why does a medical aid member need gap cover?

Good question!

If you are one of those rare and privileged people who have comprehensive medical aid then you probably do not need gap cover.

The rest of us do.

Here’s why.

 way to get gap cover
You don’t need this to happen…

A quick way to understand it is this example:

Let’s say you land in hospital and a specialist needs to see you.

And let’s assume that the bill at the end of your stay is R5000 for the hospital stay and R2000 for the specialist visit.

Let’s agree that your medical aid plan agreement says your expenses will be 100% covered by the medical aid.

You might think that the medical aid will pay the whole R7000 but the fact is that you would be wrong.

That is because medical scheme plans are obliged, in this example, to pay only 100% of the amount on the private list of payments that the medical aid works according to.

So the medical aid might pay only R3000 in total, leaving you with a R4000 bill.

Sad but true…

What is a quick way to remedy this situation?

The first option is to get comprehensive medical aid, which would be outrageously expensive.

The second way, which is the way we suggest, is to cover the gap between what the medical aid will pay and what the actual bill is using gap cover.

The good news is that gap cover is relatively cheap and takes effect immediately.

Complete and then submit the form on this page to get your medical gap cover quote.

Remember: gap cover is only for South Africans who have hopsital plans or full medical aid from a registered medical scheme

All info was correct at time of publishing