Reliable Gap Cover for SA Medical Aid Members

December 18, 2021

If you need a reliable gap provider to take care of your medical aid co-payments, you have come to the right place. Complete and submit the short contact form on this page so we can get in touch with you for gap cover from a reputable, leading short-term insurer that specialises in this particular type of insurance.

What makes a reliable gap cover company?

  1. Your friends and your doctor must agree that the company you choose is dependable
  2. Service must be fast, unfailing and competent, with good telephone and email response
  3. The price must be right. Trustworthy gap cover companies provide good cover with reasonable monthly premiums
  4. The company must be consistent when you make a claim – fast, efficient and uncomplaining
  5. The company concerned should make quick payments in cash into your bank account upon your successful claim


Reliable gap cover

Reliable gap cover from a top South African insurer

What does gap cover do?

Maybe this is the first time you have heard of gap cover for medical aid. Here is what gap cover does:

  • Reliable insurers who specialise in this kind of insurance recognise that most medical aid plans do not sufficiently cover all medical expenses. Gap cover aims to fill the cash vacuum created by insufficient payouts by medical aids.
  • These insurers also realise that excellent cancer treatments cost more than medical schemes are willing to pay, so there are special oncology options also available from these reputable firms


Who qualifies for gap cover in SA?

Anyone who is on a medical aid (a member of a registered medical scheme) qualifies for gap cover. And every member on a single plan gets cover from a single gap policy. So the whole family and any dependents on a medical plan get gap cover from one policy. For example, you, your spouse and three children all get gap cover on one policy with a single monthly premium.

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