It’s smart for medical aid members to get gap cover

December 11, 2021

You might think you have enough health cover if you and your beneficiaries belong to a South African medical aid scheme. However, wise folk know that smart gap insurance closes the co-payment gap.

It works like this:

  • Understand that your medical aid plan, no matter how high your premiums are each month, can run out. What is more, even if your savings fund stays intact your medical aid might not pay the full amount. Bright South Africans know that a medical aid only has to pay the amount for any particular hospital visit or specialist procedure as it appears in the medical aid’s own tariff table. So 100% applies only to 100% of what appears in the table and not what appears on the hospital or specialist bill.
Smart gap cover is for smart medical aid members
  • Clever South Africans who belong to medical aids also know that to get the most intelligent cancer treatment costs a fortune in this country. Therefore, clever medical aid members always take out gap cover. This takes care of any co-payments that arise from health care.
  • You take out gap insurance not from a medical scheme but from a specialist insurance company. It does not matter which plan you are on e.g. Discovery Coastal Core. As long as you are with a registered medical scheme, you can get sharp gap cover.
  • Start by getting a quote from a smart gap cover firm on this page. Complete and submit the form to find out how little the monthly gap cover premium is. Note that a single policy covers every member of the medical aid (i.e. all your beneficiaries).


Smart people get total cover via gap insurance

Don’t be thick. Show how brainy you are. Get a gap cover quote online on this page. Use the contact box so we can phone you with a quotation.

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