Stratum Group and Corporate Gap Cover

December 18, 2021

Stratum Group and Corporate Gap Cover Benefits offers gap cover protection, as they engineer their products to meet the medical shortfall. These products unique to each potential member while also benefiting your lifestyle.

Stratum Benefits is a leading, forthright medical gap cover specialist that delivers consistently and offers remarkable value. They cover the shortfall that sometimes arises between private healthcare fees and medical scheme limits. For surety on receiving the very best medical gap cover. Stratum will help you through the process to cover you. Easy signup, excellent service throughout the queries and processing of claims are hallmarks of Stratum Benefits.


500% additional stratum group and corporate Cover

stratum group and corporateThe gap benefit offered by Stratum Benefits provides 500% extra protection when liability falls upon you. For the shortfall between service provider. Upper limits do not apply as regards the number of times you can claim every year relating to account gaps occasioned by the following:


  • Specialists or doctors
  • Basic radiology with the following exclusions: specialised radiology for example PET, CT and MRI scans,
  • Pathology,
  • Medication prescribed as part of out or inpatient treatment,
  • Disposables consumables for example gauze, bandages and surgical gloves,
  • Physiotherapy.


Their co-payment benefit under the co-evolution product insures against out or in patient-related deductibles or co-payments, presented as either a percentage or a cash amount. This benefit covers up to R40 000 per year per policy. The diagnosis cover provides a single R5000 payment benefit for first-time cancer diagnosis patients. It also caters for required oncology treatments.

Costs covered

The casualty benefit protects against casualty costs due to

  • Specialist and doctor consultations,
  • Upfront casualty facility fees or co-payments
  • Medication as a result of a loss event,
  • Disposable consumables like gauze, bandages and surgical gloves,
  • Pathology,
  • Basic, but not, specialised, radiology for example PRT, CT, and MRI scans.

Under the core product, the casualty benefit insures against the cost of a casualty stay for up to R5 000 per year per policy, while through the co-evolution product, the loss benefit protects against the fees arising from an injury visit costing up to R6 000 per year per policy.

Trauma counselling

The benefit offered by Stratum Group and Corporate Benefits known as trauma counselling covers consultation fees arising from a witnessed event that affected you directly such as an accident or physical violence, causing serious bodily harm or upon a dread disease diagnosis. Primary product up to R5 000 per year per policy for this benefit and co-evolution product covers up to R6 000 per year per policy.

Stratum Benefits gap cover policies a range of individuals. Stratum covers both you and your partner with the basic package and the co-evolution product. Whether or not you share a medical scheme selection or medical plan. All dependents who are on either your health scheme selection, Stratum also covers them. Lastly, Stratum includes any individuals with gap benefits.

If you belong to a South African medical aid scheme, please complete and send the form on this page. Then we will send you one FREE gap cover quote

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