Find your own tailor made Gap cover plan

December 12, 2021

Verso Health offers tailor made gap cover, and members of their scheme are thankful.

Because without gap cover, they would have to pay the shortfalls that exist when their specialist charges rates that are way over the medical plan tariff.

The best thing about gap cover is that there are a surprising number of product options on offer. Nothing is set in stone and gap cover is tailor made to suit your needs.

Like most South Africans, you have a medical aid plan to keep you out of State hospitals and having medical aid assures you of excellent medical care.

You assume, however, that because your plan covers you 100%, you won’t have to pay anything. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Gap cover is the only hope you have if you don’t want to end up bankrupt from medical treatment costs.

Tailor made Options require Having help

Tailor madeWhen choosing medical gap cover you’ll find there are an overwhelming amount of options available. Verso Financial Services help you by making sure that with all the information provided you can make the correct decision regarding your healthcare benefits.

Verso Health offers a complete healthcare consulting service which includes medical scheme quotations as well as comparisons on medical schemes. Their focus is on corporate and individual healthcare needs. They also cover the gap that exists between what your medical scheme pays and the actual fees for private healthcare.

Stratum Gap cover is a Wise choice

Verso wants to ensure you get the best medical gap cover. Stratum is one of these recommended and are excellent gap cover providers.

Stratum covers you when your specialists charge a rate more than what your medical scheme will pay. Plus, you’re covered for medical procedures that take place in- hospital and even some out-hospital.

You have cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) conditions and you get 500% cover when you’re liable for the difference between what the doctor charges and what your medical scheme pays.

There is no limit to the number of times you can claim during the year for account shortfalls. This includes doctors, specialists, pathology, basic radiology, physiotherapy, medications and disposable items like bandages

Gap cover is Important

Having affordable gap cover provides you with peace of mind as it’s designed to keep you from financial ruin.

All info was correct at time of publishing