TRA Gap Cover for South African Medical Aid Members

December 18, 2021

Totalrisksa Gap Cover – TRA Gap Cover

This product protects registered members of medical aid schemes from unforeseen expenses during hospitalisation. Here we will look at more on TRA gap cover.

Although medical schemes provide 100% cover for hospital stays, this is on medical aid tariffs, often leaving members with significant shortfalls.


Because medical caregivers such as TRA Gap Coverspecialists, anaesthetists and surgeons more often than not charge way above medical aid tariffs, sometimes up to five times above recommended rates.

So Totalrisksa Gap Cover pays the difference between medical aid rates and the charges imposed by the health provision industry.

Totalrisksa Is Risk-Free

It takes away the stress of unexpected and often exorbitant additional costs, be it a medical emergency or hospital treatments.

What is Gap Cover?

  1. Gap Cover protects policyholders from financial shortfalls typically associated with hospitalisation and specialist bills.
  2. Medical Gap Cover ensures that in the event of an injury or illness, the only thing policyholders have to take care of is their wellbeing.
  3. It also ensures protection from additional and unbudgeted costs involved with hospital treatments.
  4. Gap cover is available to all medical scheme members at a low cost of about R99 per month for all members of the plan.

Medical Scheme Shortfalls Are Painful

Costs with hospitalisation never have full cover whether a member of a medical aid scheme or Hospital Plan.

There are co-payment fees for theatre and ward costs.

There are fees – up to five times more than the tariff payable by the medical aid – from:

  • Surgeons
  • Anaesthetists
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals


At the end of the day, these unforeseen and additional costs cannot, in most cases, be covered by the unsuspecting medical aid member.

Totalrisksa Gap Cover meets these shortfalls.

How Do You Get Paid?

Totalrisksa Gap Cover pays policyholders directly into their bank accounts, enabling them to settle all outstanding bills.


These are not regulated, but there is usually a three-month waiting period after joining and a 12 month waiting period for pregnancy or pre-existing conditions.

You Must Belong to a Medical Aid Scheme

To qualify for Totalrisksa Gap Cover, applicants must be a member of a medical scheme such as Bestmed or any of the Discovery health plans.

Totalrisksa Gap Cover will ensure cover for the entire family, as long as they all belong to the same medical aid.


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