Why Medical Gap Cover is Important

December 9, 2021

Why medical gap cover is so important is because of the following facts. You probably think that just your medical aid premiums can give you complete cover and full financial security. Well, you had better think again.

Or what about the unexpected specialist fee or the longer stay in a hospital ?

Sure, medical aid schemes may claim to offer 100% coverage. So you won’t need to worry about hospital expenses, but that’s not the case.

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You need to look into getting Medical Gap Cover For Your Health and the Sake of Your Family

This insurance is a product that many employee groups already know. But what about South African individuals and their families? Gap cover, in fact, offers even greater peace of mind in the event of hospitalisation and receiving large medical bills.

Top-up insurance will ensure that both the principle member and his or her dependents are completely covered for any shortfalls on what the medical aid will pay out for a hospital stay and medical practitioner fees.

This insurance offers extra coverage of three to four times more of what medical aid will pay out for a hospital stay. That’s a whole lot less stress and even less financial risk of having to pay out Why Medical Gap Coverextra unforeseeable fees.

What’s more, why medical gap cover is so sought after is that it offers comprehensive protection on various medical conditions that require hospitalisation or doctor treatment.

This Insurance is a Necessity

So why medical gap cover? Well, it’s got everything to do with what your medical aid calls “100% coverage”.

A complete one hundred percent coverage from your medical aid doesn’t mean 100% of the doctor’s bills or other medical practitioner’s bills.

Typically, only a third of the medical practitioner’s bill is paid for by the medical aid. Leaving you liable for the remaining two-thirds.

In this instance, one hundred percent means minimum cover and not picking up the entire bill, doctor’s fees and all. So do expect extra bills when you have “100% medical aid cover”.

This is why it’s vital to have insurance that will protect you and your dependents.

Who Needs Medical Gap Cover?

This insurance isn’t something only a chronically ill or elderly person should have. It’s for everyone.

It’s important to remember that gap cover will help absorb practitioner fees as much as four times the NHRPL in the event of hospitalisation, surgery and other in-hospital medical treatments, be it due to ill-health or an accident.

Medical gap cover also extends to out-patient treatments like radiotherapy, dialysis and also chemo.

Gap cover is typically provided every calendar year up to a certain amount per instance or a family maximum. You only need to budget for the monthly premium to cover you as a principal member and your dependents. That’s small money for tremendous peace of mind.

And Even More Gap Cover Benefits

What’s more, a co-payment gap will allow gap cover users to claim back the co-payment that the medical aid asks for regarding procedures like CT scans, endoscopies and MRI. If your medical aid plan doesn’t have a savings plan, this is extremely useful.

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