African Unity Group Offers Medical Shortfall Insurance

December 12, 2021

African Unity gap cover from AUG is a short term insurance product for medical aid members.

You’d think that with the high premiums medical aid members pay each month, they’d be covered for every kind of medical treatment. But they’re not.

Gap cover has come very much to the fore in recent years. It’s the only solution to prevent you from having to pay those dreaded medical shortfalls. These shortfalls are the result of your medical aid not paying certain bills as they should.

African Unity – a Wise Choice

African Unity offers this all-important gap cover. They’re a registered financial services provider. They’re also an administrator for short- and long term insurance products. African Unity Life-, Connect-, Property and Health are subsidiaries of the African Unity Group.

African Unity Group Offers Medical Gap Cover too

To benefit from this gap cover from African Unity, you have to be a member of a registered medical aid. The gap cover provides additional cover for medical shortfalls occurring when you have hospital procedures.

Gap cover is a short term insurance product that offers affordable cover against medical expense shortfalls. Sometimes these shortfalls can amount to R50,000 and even more. Without gap cover, you’ll have to cough up. Do you have a casual R50 000 in your pocket?

Seniors aren’t turned away

What is noteworthy with gap cover from African Unity Health is that anyone up to the age of 75 years can join. Gap cover is available to the principal member, spouse and all child dependents.

  • African Unity offers different cover options. It all depends on what kind of cover you require.


  • They invite you to call one of their financial advisors if you want your gap cover questions answered.


  • They offer their Gap Select product – a comprehensive option as well as their Gap Plus, Gap and LPE Advanced cover.


  • All the plans are limited to 500% or 5x over and above the medical aid tariff.


With Gap Select – their more comprehensive plan – you get so much, some of which is –

  • Gap tariff up to 500%
  • Co-payment benefit
  • Sub-limit cover
  • Accidental casualty benefit
  • Cancer co-payment cover
  • Premium Waiver benefit as well as a number of add-ons.
  • You also get additional benefits such as dread disease cancer as well as accidental death and disability, among other offerings.


African Unity also offers their entry-level plan simply known as Gap. You need to take special note that this cover doesn’t include cancer, co-payment or sub-limit cover.

These gap covers come with a 3-month general waiting period, unless due to an accident.

There is a 10-month maternity- and child birth specific waiting period.

There is a 6-month procedure-specific waiting period, unless due to an accident for a number of surgeries.

African Unity offers excellent gap products which are offered under the AUH range. They know that even though we are told that medical schemes operate on a not-for-profit basis, this appears not to be true.

Unbeatable peace of mind

Apart from imposing waiting periods and other fees, medical aids don’t pay many bills in full. This is when it is necessary to look at gap cover from African Unity Health. It’s a short-term insurance product available to members of a medical scheme.

Gap cover is an essential, affordable and attractive method of risk protection, and nobody on a medical aid in South Africa can be without it.

To receive your personal gap cover quote, complete and submit
the form on this page. Note: for medical aid members only!

All info was correct at time of publishing