Agility Gap Insurance Supplements Medical Aid Cover

December 12, 2021

It’s bad enough being hospitalised. You don’t want to add to your stress by wondering how your bills will be taken care of. Agility gap insurance can take care of those concerns.

You’d think that being a member of a medical aid you’d be covered for a stint in hospital. Like hang!  If you have a hospital plan or any other medical plan for that matter, you may well have to supplement it with gap cover.

As a medical aid member, whatever plan you’ve got, your medical aid gets out of paying your bills.  Top-up or gap coverage will take care of these shortfalls. Gap cover is therefore an enhancement of your medical aid. It pays for those bills that are charged over the medical aid rate.

You MUST have gap cover

This gap cover can be up to 500% or even more of the medical aid rate. The bottom line is that if you’re a medical aid member, you have to have something more – you must have gap cover.

Avoid healthcare gaps

Luckily this gap in medical coverage insurance is available from quite a few gap cover providers. Agility is one of them insuring gap in cover. They tell medical aid members that they can avoid healthcare gaps entirely with their gap cover.

They say you will never be left out of pocket. You can choose from a range of options too.

Agility Gap Insurance

Agility Gap Insurance Combined

With Agility, you can opt to buy just one product such as gap cover. You can also opt to buy the gap and co-pay product together. This product includes gap cover, co-pay cover, and out-patient cover.

It is useful having the co-pay cover. It takes care of those most frustrating upfront amounts. These amounts must be paid before you can proceed with a medical procedure in hospital. You can claim 3 times a year and there is an overall annual limit per family.

Then again, the out-patient cover takes care of out-patient surgical procedures. They would normally be performed as an in-patient. You can also claim 3 times a year and there is also a limit to the amount for each family.

Agility says that this combined product is essential for anyone on a medical scheme plan. There are 4 products to choose from  – Agility Combined 200, Combined 350, Combined 500 and Agility Ultra. For this plan, there is a 3 month general waiting period as well as 12 months on pre-existing conditions.

There is an Agility Value Added Product that provides substantial in-hospital cover for dental and optometry gap claim shortfalls.

The Popular Agility Gap Cover

Most people go with the popular Agility Gap Cover choice.


  • It is underwritten by Genric Insurance Company Limited.


  • It covers you for procedures performed in-hospital.


  • You’re covered for certain out-patient procedures.


  • This gap cover is made up of Agility Gap 200 and  Agility Gap 500.


  • Agility’s gap cover is available to apply for online.


  • The gap cover is for 3 adults with 2 children or 2 adults and 3 children.



  • Childbirth is covered but there is a 12 month waiting period.


  • There is also a 12 to 24 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions.


  • Unlike with other gap cover providers, there is no maximum entry age with Agility.


  • All claims are paid to the principal member.


Don’t trust your medical aid to be a reliable payer of your medical procedures. They’re not, and the sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be.

The only way to cope with these financial shortfalls is to have gap cover, and Agility is ready to step in and help you.


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All info was correct at time of publishing