Did You Know That iWyze Offers Gap Cover Too?

December 12, 2021

South Africans are still not 100% sure what gap cover is. Well, it is not medical aid. If you only have a hospital cash back plan and you don’t belong to a registered medical scheme, you can’t have iWyze gap cover.

The reason for this is that gap cover enhances or augments the benefits you get from a medical scheme. So in other words, without being a member of a registered medical scheme, you can’t have gap cover.

Then again, having medical aid doesn’t rule you out for medical expenses. This is why having gap cover is of critical importance, As a short term insurance product, you get additional cover for medical shortfalls.

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iWyze gap cover is from Old Mutual

There are a number of gap cover providers in South Africa and Old Mutual Life Assurance Company offers this sought after gap cover. South African love getting gap cover from a group that was established in 1845.

iWyze Gap Cover is for All Medical Scheme Members in South AfricaTo this day they have been offering financial security to clients. A popular product is their iWyze gap cover. Old Mutual iWyze was established in 2010. It’s purpose – to provide direct short-term insurance to customers. The gap cover is underwritten by Old Mutual Insure.

Cancer? Ensure you can pay for all your treatments

Cancer strikes fear in the hearts of everyone, and medical aid members specifically look for gap cover that offers a host of oncology benefits – treatments for cancer from various doctors. Sick of co-payments to get treatment started? This gap cover offers oncology co-payments as well as for sub-limits.

These doctors do however, charge well over the medical scheme rates, and shortfalls exist. You can imagine how expensive radiology, chemotherapy, scans and medicines are, but gap cover will take care of the shortfalls when your medical aid fails to pay the amounts for you in full.

  • iWyze gap cover bridge’s the gap between what your medical scheme will pay and what the medical professional charges for your treatments.
  • No need to go in-store – get an online quote and know how much cover you can get.
  • It pays up to 5 times the medical scheme tariff fee.
  • Cover is available to the main member, spouse and kids up to the age of 26 years.
  • There is a total maximum compensation limit each year.
  • Cover and all its benefits are for the main member and 6 dependants.
  • If members are on different schemes, one iWyze policy will cover them all.
  • It offers in- and out-of-hospital benefits.
  • It covers both deductibles and co-payments, sub-limits, and shortfalls in medical bills.
  • Whether you’re ill or injured it covers you.
  • Iwyze offers a Benefit Extender. This assists with additional benefits for specific medical events resulted in expenses not covered by your scheme.  You can use the benefits as you see fit.
  • It covers oncology treatments, radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as kidney dialysis and trauma.


Handle your barrage of medical bills with calmness

The start of a new year always brings new opportunities for better health and how to manage your finances better.

Old Mutual has got sound advice and tips for you on how to get the better of your medical aid shortfalls. With gap cover from iWyze you can survive the barrage of bills your medical aid throws at you.

Complete and submit the form on this page. Then we will contact you
to supply a quote so you can sign up for gap cover.

All info was correct at time of publishing