Auto & General is Now a Gap Cover Provider Too

December 12, 2021

The cost of living is at an all-time high. To keep within their budget, medical aid members have had to downscale to lower plans. Monthly premiums keep rising while benefits become less and payouts less too. Auto General gap cover is one way to save.

Medical specialists charge what they want. The medical aids won’t cover members for these high amounts. They’ll part-pay as they see fit and then you as the medical aid member must pay the rest.

It is precisely why gap cover has become so critically important – it pays for these shortfalls.

Auto General Gap Cover – worthwhile just for co-payments

Gap Cover is a smart way to enhance your medical scheme coverage. Another reason it is so important is that apart from rising premiums,  co-payments and shortfalls are on the rise.

Did you know that these days, the highest co-payment currently is more than R35 000 for spinal surgery? Have you got this kind of money to put down as a co-payment?  Delaying to pay a co-payment will delay surgery starting.  Only lotto winners can afford such a sum of money to pay upfront.

Auto General Gap Cover Insures Medical Aid Members Against Shortfall Payments

Auto & General have evolved their insurance offerings. They now offer gap cover. A & G has decades of experience, having been established in June 1985. They are part of the Telesure Investment Holdings Group, and a leading player in the short-term insurance industry.

With the launch of Auto & General Medical Gap Cover you can now address those medical aid shortfalls.

What can you expect from medical gap cover from Auto & General gap cover?

  • Auto & General are an authorised financial services provider
  • The gap cover option they provide is available to members of a registered South African medical aid scheme.
  • They offer 3 plans – Essential, Comprehensive and Absolute
  • Essential offers 300% gap cover, Comprehensive offers 500% and Absolute offers 700%. That means that each option pays 3, 5 and 7 times the limit of the medical aid tariff.
  • Check out each option carefully in terms of the monthly premium and what it offers. If co-payments are a total switch-off for you, both the Comprehensive Plan and the Absolute Plan offers a co-payment benefit.
  • With the Comprehensive Plan you get a lump sum pay-out according to the first diagnosis of stage 2 or more cancer.
  • The Absolute option offers an Oncology co-payment and Extender benefit.
  • There is no general 3-month waiting period.
  • Medical gap cover from Auto & General will never cover something that your medical aid excludes. Their gap cover only tops up a shortfall on approved procedures.
  • Covers Prescribed Minimum Benefits where the medical aid failed to meet their obligations.


Auto and General’s gap cover is not a medical scheme and it’s not a substitute for medical scheme membership either.

There is a lot of hype around the new NHI but who knows when it will come in. The government is too busy fighting crime within its own ranks to pay much attention to it.

Making medical ends meet

Medical aid in South Africa isn’t enough for us. They don’t pay what they should, denying us the treatment we need. Get gap cover. Allow it to ensure that you and your family can get the treatment you need.

You’ll be able to recover in peace without fretting about horrendously high bills putting you into a deep depression.

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Note: gap cover is for South African medical aid members only

All info was correct at time of publishing