Guardrisk Admed Gap Cover Gives Wings to Your Medical Aid Membership

December 12, 2021

Don’t be fooled. Being a member of a medical scheme doesn’t for one minute suggest that your medical bills are covered in full. You need extra cover. Guardrisk Admed gap cover is the answer

Medical specialists charge way more than what your medical aid will pay. That means you must pay the shortfall. To avoid paying this shortfall, medical aid members look at gap cover.

Make improvements to your medical aid

In South Africa you can get this all-important gap cover from many gap cover providers. Admed gap cover is one. Gap insurance is an enhancement to your medical aid. It pays what your medical aid won’t pay.









On its Admed policies, Guardrisk pays out the difference between what your specialist charges and what your medical aid pays. The Admed gap product is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company.

Admed Gap Cover isn’t in any way to be likened to a medical scheme, Their products are totally different to that of a medical aid. To benefit from gap cover from Admed however, you must belong to a registered medical aid.

Guardrisk Admed Gap Cover Plans

  • Admed offers three gap cover plans –


Supreme Gap offers cover for you, your spouse, your children and your parents.

Supreme Millennial gap is for those under age 30.

Supreme Pensioner gap is for those over the age of 65.


  • Co-payment benefit.


  • Oncology co-payment benefit.


  • Oncology extender benefit.


  • Medical expense shortfall benefit for in-hospital and out-of-hospital procedures.


  • Admed’s gap cover is available to anybody on a medical aid.



Guardrisk Admed Gap Cover for All Medical Aid Members


  • There are waiting periods – general waiting period of 3 months, 9-Month waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions and 12 months for pregnancy, birth and cancer-related events.


  • You need to know that some limitations, exclusions and conditions apply.


  • Those older than 65 years of age can’t apply for the gap cover from Admed.


As an example, you may need to undergo a medical prosthesis procedure. It can be devastating if you’ve reached your medical scheme limit for the year. Admed will take care of the shortfall amount up to a certain limit for the family and for each year.

Oncology is always an important consideration, and Admed will cover the co-payment when your oncology treatment limit has been reached. Co-payments are a nightmare and can prevent you from even going ahead with a treatment.

Admed provides you with peace of mind for when your medical scheme levies a co-payment for a hospital procedure that you need to pay upfront.

Admed knows that accidents can leave you financially reeling. If an accident happens and you become totally disabled or you die, Admed will pay a generous benefit to assist with all those expenses you were least expecting.

With Admed it’s as though the sun is always shining

Having gap cover from Admed is like a bright, sunny day.

The best way to know if Admed is the right gap cover for you is to read customer reviews. Check out what people honestly think and have to say about Admed.


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