Stratum Hospital Optimiser

December 12, 2021

A medical emergency can happen to anyone, and when it does, you might spend some time in a hospital. When you are in a hospital, you need to focus on making a recovery, and not on your wallet. It’s sad when you have to see ill people have to choose between their financial well-being and their health. Not having enough money to pay for your medical treatment can make you sicker than ever. We eradicate that fear with the Stratum Hospital Optimiser plan to give you peace of mind.

Huge Medical Aid Premiums don’t cover Everything

The cost of private medical care in South Africa is higher than the inflation rate. A massive chunk of your salary goes to the cost of medical aid. People pay huge premiums for medical aid each month. Only to find out that their medical aid does not cover them completely. Which is quite infuriating taking into consideration the money that they spend.

Enough for a Lengthy Stint in Hospital – Stratum hospital optimiser

stratum hospital optimiserMedical aid members have to be always paying for shortfalls. There are a certainly a lot of gap cover providers in South AfricaAnd Stratum is a reputable, authorised financial services provider offering excellent gap cover. They know that medical schemes in South Africa have an overall annual hospital limit of R300 000. An unexpected and prolonged hospital stay can far exceed this amount. The design of the stratum hospital optimizer is to ensure continuous private medical care. That is done by increasing the annual limit, providing medical aid members with an additional cover of R1 700 000.

The reason why people choose Stratum is because we are reliable professionals who keep their rates affordable. To get this cover of R1 700 000, you’re only required to pay R70 a month. For R56 a month, you’ll get R1 000 000 hospital cover. They will cover you, your spouse and other registered dependents even if you aren’t on the same medical scheme.

Road Accident Benefit with the stratum hospital optimiser

The Stratum Hospital Optimiser comes with a Road Accident Benefit. This benefit offers a helping hand when you require help with claiming an injury or death while travelling on South Africa’s treacherous roads.

Stratum’s Hospital Optimiser leaves you feeling confident that when your medical scheme doesn’t cover your medical procedures, as a leading medical gap cover specialist, they will. Without this kind of help, you will be liable to pay hospitalisation as well as related service providers’ accounts.

When medical practitioners and hospitals charge way more than medical aid rates, its critically-important-gap-cover which will make sure that you are never out-of-pocket and out of your mind with worry.

Stratum offers 100% Peace of Mind

If you are a medical aid member, call Stratum now so you don’t have to worry about how a stint in a hospital can cause you to put your house urgently on the market to defray medical costs.

What influences Stratum in all they do is the fact that they are specialists, designing products of value. They know that over-billing leads to a lot of frustration and despair, putting an unfair financial burden on people who are already paying huge premiums each month.

For South Africans, it just seems that there are some unfair practices taking place by hospitals and medical aids, and gap cover is needed to bring some form of a solution. You’ll find that Stratum has added new dynamic medical shortfall solutions for 2017.

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All info was correct at time of publishing