Best Website for Getting a Gap Cover Quote

December 19, 2021

You have arrived at an excellent website regarding gap cover for medical aid in South Africa. Here is a rundown of what gap cover (also called shortfall insurance or top-up cover) is and who needs it.

How does gap insurance for medical aid work?

First off, you must be a member of a registered medical scheme in South Africa to take out gap cover. Check this list to ensure that your medical aid is an official scheme,

Note that gap cover does not “work” with health insurance such as you get from Ubuntu, Clientele and others of the same nature. You must have a plan from a proper medical aid, such as Discovery, GEMS, Selfmed or one of the many others available to South Africans.

This website description of gap cover

Once you have a gap cover policy, it means you are insuring the “gap” between what your medical aid is prepared to pay and what appears on your bill.

Best Website for Getting a Gap Cover QuoteProbably you have run out of medical savings and been stuck with co-payments near the end of the year. Shortfall insurance takes care of that.

Companies that offer gap cover

This website prefers Zestlife for gap cover. Please complete and submit the form on this page to get a gap cover quote from Zestlife. FYI, other companies offering shortfall insurance include Turnberry, Stratum and Sanlam. But we like Zestlife for its affordability and efficiency.

What else you need to know about gap cover

  • One policy covers everyone on your medical plan e.g. spouse, children
  • There are very few waiting periods. However, you should sign up asap to be sure you have cover
  • Considering the tens of thousands of rand you could save, gap cover is super-cheap. Get a free quote to prove that to yourself!
  • Medical aids themselves do not sell gap cover. Only short-term insurance companies may do that.


Act now! Complete and submit the form on this page to get your quote and sign up.

All info was correct at time of publishing