Brilliant gap cover for your medical aid

December 18, 2021

On this page you can contact the insurance firm, Zestlife, that offers the most brilliant gap cover for medical aid co-payments.

What is gap cover exactly?

Well, if you land up in hospital and specialists attend to you, you will find that your medical plan probably covers only a portion of the actual costs.

Be warned: the dazzling promises of your medical aid will probably end up in shortfalls when you claim for an extended hospital stay.

There can be shortfalls of between 50% and 80%, depending on which plan from your medical scheme you have signed up for.

Why Zestlife gap cover is brilliant

Brilliant gap cover from Zestlife

Here are a number of illuminating facts about Zestlife:

  1. Zestlife specialises in short-term products with gap cover for medical schemes being its flagship product
  2. Many thousands of medical aid members in South Africa insure their medical aid shortfalls with Zeslife gap cover
  3. Zestlife makes sure that gap cover premiums are affordable. You will be amazed how a small monthly premium payment can get your off the co-payment hook.
  4. Zestlife has an exceptional reputation both among insurance firms and medical aid members

How does one qualify for gap cover?

There are certain clear criteria for taking advantage of this brilliant cover. Here they are:

  • You and your family or other dependents must belong to a registered South African medical scheme e.g. Discovery Health, Bonitas, GEMS, Selfmed, Medihelp, Topmed, Fedhealth, etc.
  • Your medical aid membership must be current and paid-up


If you meet these two simple criteria, then you qualify for Zestlife’s excellent gap cover. Take note that you can be on comprehensive medical aid membership or even have a hospital plan from a medical aid only. Whichever is the case, you qualify!

Start your journey to complete health cover for yourself and your dependents. Use the convenient contact box on this page to get in touch with Zestlife. Act now!


All info was correct at time of publishing