Cheap Gap Cover for SA Medical Aids

December 11, 2021

Yes, you can get cheap gap cover for medical aid.

Taking out gap insurance means insuring any medical expense shortfalls.

In other words, insuring yourself against exorbitant co-payments.

Remember that hospital stays are not cheap.

Neither are specialist bills because medical specialists can charge what they like.

So take out inexpensive gap cover to insure yourself and your dependents.

Cheap Gap Cover

Can I get cheap gap cover online?

Sure you can. Use the convenient online form on this page to contact us.

The correct agent will be in touch to discuss your medical aid membership.

(That’s because only fully-fledged members of SA medical schemes qualify for low-cost gap cover.)

Once the agent knows what hospital plan or comprehensive plan you have, he can recommend cut-price gap cover.

Who offers economical gap cover in South Africa?

There are many short-term, specialist insurers who offer cheap gap cover.

Our favourite is Zestlife. Your quote for gap cover will come from Zestlife if you use the form on this page.

An expert will contact you to discuss signing up for cut-rate gap cover.

Important: you could become financially crippled by trusting all your medical costs to your medial aid.

These days a medical aid rarely pays all of your medical costs.

Yes, they might pay 100% of what appears on their tariff list – but that is rarely what the actually bill amounts to.

You could opt for a more expensive medical plan from your medical scheme. Sure.

But it makes more sense to take out a cheap gap policy to paper over the shortfall.

Top-up or co-payment cover, as it’s also called, could save you from paying over R100 000 in medical costs out of your own pocket.


To get a quick quote and then sign up for this valuable cover, please complete and submit the form on this page. We will get in touch to assist you in the process. Act now and save!



All info was correct at time of publishing