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December 18, 2021

The first step in signing up for co-payment cover is to contact a reputable company that specialises in shortfall insurance for South African medical aid members.

So if you belong to a medical aid – any one, no matter how big or small or if it’s a medical aid that’s open to everyone or one that is for specific companies or industries – you can make contact with this company.

Use the convenient short form this page to get in touch with Zestlife. But only if you some kind of medical plan from a registered medical scheme in SA.

What happens after you contact Zestlife

Zestlife will phone you back, or send and email. Then they will speak to you to find out more details about your medical plan and your beneficiaries. They will then follow up by writing an email to you detailing your options.

Contact a gap cover company here

Fortunately, gap cover is super-cheap. A policy amounts to a small premium each month and covers all the members on your medical aid.

The purpose of gap cover is to take care of any payment shortfalls. In other words, your medical aid will probably not cover all your hospital and specialist costs.

That will leave you with a whopping bill for you to pay out of your own pocket.

But if you have medical gap cover, all you do is get hold of the company and make a claim. They will pay the shortfall amount into your bank account.

And the great thing is that cover is immediate, with a couple of limited exclusions. You can take out extra cover for cancer treatments as well. You have probably heard that oncology treatments are extremely expensive these days, leaving patients with massive amounts to pay. However, gap cover can take care of that.

Contact us now. Use the form on this page so we can phone you and get the ball rolling.

All info was correct at time of publishing