Discovery Gap Cover – Mind the Gap, Please!

December 9, 2021

Why should get Discovery gap cover? Here’s a story.

It was three years ago that Angelina Jolie announced she’d had a preventative mastectomy. That was after genetic testing revealed she carried a gene that made her predisposed to breast cancer. Her decision was a progressive one, and it may have saved her life. She had lost both her mother and grandmother to cancer.

Talking to the public about her decision was a step forward for breast cancer awareness in general. Jolie also highlighted the power of advanced genomic sequencing. That could have a life-changing impact on the health of many but isn’t always accessible due to the cost. Fortunately, if you take out Discovery Life Supplementary Gap Cover, it’s something you can receive access to.

Discovery Gap Cover

Discovery Gap Cover – Break through the barrier

Genomic sequencing isn’t the only new and exciting area of medicine right now. Every year medical technology surges ahead as new breakthrough treatments become available. Many of these have a high cost that may not be covered by your existing health plan.

That is why a Medical Breakthrough Funder benefit becomes important. Make sure you family won’t have to face high co-payments. Or be unable to access the latest, most innovative medical treatment. The benefit pays out a tax-free lump sum of up to R500 000 on

The benefit pays out a tax-free lump sum of up to R500 000 on the diagnosis of specific cancers and other illnesses associated with high treatment costs and covers you for future unrelated conditions subject to an overall maximum payment of R1 000 000 per insured person.

Discovery Gap Cover – Enjoy extra protection

As a member of Discovery Life, chances are you’ve made some smart decisions to protect your health. And with Discovery’s Supplementary Gap Cover, you can create a tailored protection plan by adding this cover to your Life Plan.

The Comprehensive Premium Protector is another of the many unique benefits of Discovery’s Supplementary Gap Cover. If you suffer a qualifying disability or severe illness, or if you die, this benefit covers your Discovery Life, Health, Vitality and Vitalitydrive premiums, for two years. You also have the option to upgrade your medical scheme plan to a Classic Comprehensive Plan while the Comprehensive Premium Protector benefit is in payment.

Discovery Gap Cover – Protect your pocket

Another way one of Discovery’s Supplementary Gap Cover benefits can help is by assisting you financially. For example, with our Home Support Benefit, you’ll be provided with R10 000 a month for up to twelve months if you or your spouse suffer a qualifying life-changing event. Also, our annual PayBack benefit, applicable to Discovery Vitality and Vitalitydrive members, can see you receive up to 25% of the total premiums you paid in a year.

If you’d like to learn more about how Discovery Life’s innovative Supplementary Gap cover options can best protect you and your family speak to your financial adviser or leave you details on this page for a qualified consultant to call you.

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