Do a Gap Cover Comparison

December 14, 2021

Why you should do a gap cover comparison now. Here we go into the details.

  • What is the Importance of a gap cover comparison?
  • You need to check the premiums along with the corresponding benefits.
  • You need to know which gap cover will be the most viable.
  • Also, you may want to avoid gap cover with co-payments.
  • Some gap cover doesn’t cover out of hospital treatments – you want one which does.
  • You want to understand what each gap cover offers in terms of extra benefits such as funeral- and disability cover.


Gap Cover isn’t like another medical aid. Rather it is short-term insurance. It covers the difference between the medical aid rates provided as a guide to the NHRPL and the private rates charged by specialists for in-hospital treatment.

Medical aid members rightfully believe that when the medical aid says it provides 100% cover that the medical aid will cover all their expenses. Specialists in South Africa can charge sometimes as much as 500% of the NHRPL rate. This is why it is so important to compare medical gap cover and get the one that will cover you in full for these differences.

Sometimes specialists charge well over the National Health Reference Price List rate, and medical aids won’t pay for this surplus amount. This is when a shortfall comes about and the medical aid member has to pay for this.

Gap cover has, therefore, become critically important as they will pay this shortfall amount – sometimes up to a total of 500% of the NHRPL rate.

A Gap Cover Comparison Will Lead you to Remarkable Differences

Gap Cover ComparisonYou can’t just assume that gap cover is all the same.

South Africa has a number of excellent medical gap cover providers, but it is up to you to do gap cover comparisons to find that one that is affordable but which also covers what you need it to cover.

You want to compare because some medical gap cover providers offer value added benefits too. Look at Sirago Gap Cover for instance – they have their Initial Cancer Diagnosis – a wonderful benefit that will pay you a lump sum of R10 000 with the initial diagnosis of Cancer.

You’ll find medical gap cover from providers like Stratum, Zestlife, Liberty Gap, Complimed and Sirago among others. You need to compare because there are clearly differences which can make a difference to what you get. Also prices do rise over time.

Know Why You’re Paying Less or More

A comparison site such as Vision Risk & Investment Consultants will let you compare 4 of South Africa’s leading medical gap cover providers. They allow you to compare and choose the one that will meet your needs.

When you see that some gap cover is a couple of hundred Rands less than another you need to find out why.
When you see the different types of gap cover and what features they offer you, you see how important it is to compare until you find the one that suits you completely.


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