Use Gap Cover to Save on Medical Aid

December 14, 2021

Private medical care comes at a high cost in South Africa. The high cost leaves many people with no option but to take out medical aid to cover the cost of private medical care. So use gap cover to save on medical aid.

Medical aid in itself is considered expensive but essential. There are many medical aid providers and each has several different plans from which to choose the best option. Each plan offers a different level of cover and comes at a different price.

Medical aid covers day-to-day medical costs and the costs related to hospital admissions. Medications are often also in the medical aid plan.

The benefits of medical aid are clear but the medical scheme will not always pay the full account after a person has been hospitalised. This is the case for day-to-day care and treatment in hospital.

The unexpected medical accounts are often a shock to a person, especially if the accounts are for substantial amounts. So gap cover can cover the part of the account which is unpaid by the medical aid.

Gap cover covers shortfalls

Use Gap Cover to Save on Medical Aid

Gap cover can be compared to insurance as it only kicks in when needed by a member of a medical aid. A small premium is paid per month to access a host of benefits, including hospital shortfalls, oncology benefits, and out-patient treatment. You pay the monthly amount per family and not per dependent. This makes gap cover a cost-effective solution.

The focus of gap cover is for in-hospital accounts although many have benefits relating to out-of-hospital claims.

Gap cover is additional to the medical aid. There are various gap cover plans available to cover hospital bills. The shortfall, or amount not paid by the medical aid, can be paid from the gap cover.

You can avoid unexpected medical bills by obtaining gap cover. It will shield a person from a variety of accounts as the gap cover provider will pay the bills.

Other benefits from gap cover – Use Gap Cover to Save on Medical Aid

Many gap cover providers will also provide extra benefits dependent on the chosen product. Most products include an oncology benefit, which helps to pay for costly cancer treatments. Medical aids usually limit cancer treatments substantially but this cover is vital.

Co-payments for in-hospital treatment and incidents related to approved admissions are often also part of the gap cover product.

Pay less for medical aid – Use Gap Cover to Save on Medical Aid

Only medical aid members can qualify for gap cover. You can take out gap cover with the current medical aid or a different provider of gap cover.

Some people find that it is possible to choose a lower, less expensive medical aid plan, in conjunction with a good gap cover product. Even though the medical aid cover might be less in value, the gap cover will cover the remainder of the hospital accounts as it pays out at a much higher rate than the medical aid.

Choose a comprehensive gap cover product to supplement medical aid and avoid unexpected hospital bills.


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