Effective gap cover that’s effective right away

December 18, 2021

Yes, you can get top class, competent gap cover for your medical aid that’s effective immediately. There is a simple procedure to getting valuable gap cover. Here is a useful guide to these steps:

  1. Ensure that you and your dependents are members of a South African medical aid which is registered with the Council for Medical schemes. (Note: your application will be unsuccessful if you just have health cover from an insurance firm like Clientele)
  2. Use the convenient contact box on this page to get in touch with effectual gap cover agents. Add your first name, second name and contact details to the form, then answer three additional questions. Then click on the Get a Quote button to submit the form.
  3. A helpful insurance broker from a leading medical gap cover broker will contact you at the desired time to discuss which plan from your medical aid you are on. (Note: you can have anything from comprehensive cover to a simple hospital plan to apply successfully for gap cover.
  4. Once you have signed up and paid your first premium, your gap cover insurance will be effective. For a small monthly premium (relative to your medical aid payments) you will be insuring any co-payments that might arise from a hospital visit or specialist care.
Effective gap cover available here
Effective gap cover available is on this page

Why gap cover is so effective

Firstly, gap cover is effectual because this kind of insurance is unrelated to the medical schemes. In fact, short-term insurance companies offer this kind of assurance product.

Secondly, the gap cover industry is unique in the world and perfectly adapted to our South African medical aids. It is specific to medical schemes and that’s why it is of such great use to South African medical aid members.

Act now! Supercharge your medical aid membership. Apply on this page for a quick quote. Use the convenient contact box.

All info was correct at time of publishing