Employee and Staff Benefit Schemes and Perks

December 16, 2021

General Managers and HR Managers are continually looking for inexpensive employee benefit scheme ideas.

So here’s a good one.

If your employees are on medical aid or have hospital plans from a medical scheme in South Africa, they are eligible for medical gap cover.

Gap Cover as an Employee Benefit Scheme

Medical aid members are continually astonished when they receive medical bills despite being on medical aid. In South Africa today, the medical schemes are incapable of paying the hospital, surgical and specialist bills in total.  And it is entirely legal for them to pay only a portion of the total bill.

Indeed, employees can find themselves having to pay tens of thousands of rands out of their own pockets

Employee Benefit Scheme

to pay for medical expenses.

That’s tragic, because by having a cheap gap cover plan your employees and their families could have their medical bills paid in total.

To get a quote from a reputable supplier, simply add your details to the form. Then hit the Get Quote button and we will be in touch regarding an employee benefit scheme for your staff.

For as little as a couple of hundred Rand, each member of staff and their families could have full cover. Note that the cover applies to the portion of any medical bills that medical aids do not agree to cover. However, the medical aid must pay a portion.

Childcare Vouchers

How about making an arrangement for reputable childcare centres for childcare vouchers for your staff? Obviously, this applies only to staff who have children of the relevant age, namely from birth to fifteen years old. Your staff will have the security of knowing their children are in the care of reliable service providers.

Gym Membership

Healthy, active employees, are productive. Go to a reputable local gym and get them work out a group rate for your staff and offer this as a free employee benefit scheme. Your employees are much more likely to take advantage of a gym membership if they do not have to worry about paying for it. Or feeling guilty if they don’t make full use of the facilities offered!

Cell Phone Schemes

Let your employees have the latest smartphones while paying for them at their leisure.

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All info was correct at time of publishing