Expert Assistance to Help You Sign Up for Gap Cover

December 14, 2021

There is an expert waiting to give you the benefit of his or her experience in the field of shortfall insurance, also called medical gap cover or top-up insurance.

Our knowledgeable advisors will give you professional advice on which gap insurance option will suit you. Please remember, though, that in order to qualify for a policy, you must be a member of a registered South African medical scheme. You can find the full list of schemes here.

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When considering a matter as important as how to strengthen your health cover, you need an expert, not an amateur. We have partnered with what is possibly the leading authority on medical gap cover in South Africa.

We asked one of our resident experts to outline the basics of what you need to know before signing up for gap cover.

Tips on gap cover from an expert

  1.  As discussed before, you have to be a member of a medical aid in South Africa to get gap cover. Put another way, if you don’t have medical scheme membership it is impossible to get a gap cover policy.Expert Sign in Neon
  2. The purpose of gap insurance is to make sure that medical aid member patients do NOT have to make co-payments that emerge from medical treatment – such as hospital expenses or specialist attention – from their own pockets. Gap cover insures the gap.
  3. Medical aids themselves may not, by law, sell gap cover. Only short-term insurance companies may sell the product. However, there is a “virtual” link between medical scheme membership and medical aid.
  4. Fascinatingly, gap cover is affordable, not to say cheap, when you can save in the order of hundreds of thousands of rands if ever you have to make a valid claim. Especially cancer treatment is expensive, and that is where you really score from shortfall insurance.


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All info was correct at time of publishing