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December 10, 2021

If you belong to a South African medical aid scheme and you are looking for fast gap cover to insure co-payment shortfalls, look no further.

Just complete and submit the form on this page. It is easy: add your name, surname and answer three questions. Then click to send the form to us.

When we receive your information, we will contact you to discover which medical aid you are with.

Wide availability

Conveniently, you qualify for a policy from any gap insurance firm no matter which medical scheme you and your dependents belong to.

fast gap cover
Complete and send the form on this page
to get you gap cover quote fast!

So you can belong to an open scheme, such as Discovery Health or Bonitas, etc. (anyone can join an open scheme) or a closed scheme like GEMS or Polmed (for employees in particular industries or firms only).

Fast gap cover from a top provider

We work with only the best gap cover companies. You will receive an accurate from a top-ranked insurance firm.

Remember that if you have medica aid only, and you do not insure any shortfalls with gap cover, you will be personally liable for cash payments to hospitals and specialists. This can amount to tens of thousands of rands.

There are many tales of people who failed to top up their medical aid plan with gap cover then landed up ill or injured in hospital, only to find that their medical aid would pay only a small portion of the cost. Don’t be one of these people.

It’s affordable, it takes effect immediately, a single policy covers all the beneficiaries and, above all, it’s a sensible thing to do.

Protect your family’s health plan now. Complete and submit the form on this page. Act now!

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