Medical Gap Cover Policies for Bestmed – The Best!

December 10, 2021

Medical Gap Cover Policies for Bestmed Members

Bestmed has been in the medical aid industry for half a century already. They provide their members with excellent services, medical gap cover policies and client care.
As a BestMed member, you’ll find that their claims payout is good. In fact, they pay 99.2% of claims within 15 days of receiving a claim, and what’s more, their reserve ratio is still well above the 25% requirement mark.

medical gap cover policies
Affordable Gap Cover from different Options

Bestmed’s Beat range is their more affordable choice. It does, however, have limited benefits for out of hospital expenses. You’ll find four medical protection options to choose from – Beat 1, Beat 2, Beat 3 and Beat 4.

They also have their Pace Range and their Pulse Range. The Pulse Range provides a decent range of in-hospital benefits as well as out of hospital cover. Even though these Plans offer exceptional cover, there will still come the time when you discover that Bestmed isn’t going to pay some of your medical procedures in full.


More about the different options:

Their aim is to provide quality healthcare for all of their members and to negotiate better services and benefits. This reason that they act in the best interest of their members.

Even though Bestmed is considered to be one of the top medical aid schemes in South Africa, providing cover to more than 155 000 lives, they won’t be able to cover all your medical bills in full. And this is precisely why medical gap cover is so important.

You’re well Prepared with Totalrisksa

Totalrisksa gap cover protects Bestmed members from those unforeseen expenses during hospitalisation which Bestmed can’t cover. Their gap cover doesn’t pay for medical shortfalls when policyholders receive treatment out of the hospital. You need to land up in the hospital to benefit. The only exceptions are a casualty as well as MRI/CT scan charges which are above tariff and on the Absolute Cover Plus Plan.

Totalrisksa has 3 product options to suit everyone’s unique needs. They offer Vital Cover Plus, Super Cover Plus and Absolute Cover Plus.

Totalrisksa offers gap cover which takes care of those instances where there is a shortfall between what service providers charge such as your specialist and what your medical aid scheme will cover.

These gap cover policies cover:

  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits
  • cover for those members who belong to a registered medical aid scheme
  • there is no entry age limit to this gap cover
  • there is no general three months waiting period like what you get with other medical aids
  • allows immediate benefits for all policyholders except for a few specific conditions and procedures
  • you also get immediate cover for emergency procedures, tonsillectomies, sterilisations, vasectomies, appendectomies, etc


Medical gap cover policies are not a medical aid policy like Best med, but you must belong to a medical aid to benefit from it. It won’t pay your specialists or hospital directly. It will rather make the payout direct to your bank account so that you can settle your outstanding bills as you see fit.

Your entire family can enjoy Totalrisksa gap cover, and the best part is knowing that whatever medical procedures you face, you won’t have to look for thousands of Rands out of your pocket to pay the bill.


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