Save Money by Getting Gap Cover for Discovery™ Medical Aid

December 18, 2021

If you’re a member of Discovery Health™ medical aid, is it enough? Probably not. You might need gap cover as well.

That is because not all Discovery medical aid plans can cover all the costs of a hospital stay.

So for peace of mind, you need a shortfall policy for Discovery medical aid.

Shortfall insurance has become a necessity. Medical aid schemes are under financial strain. And that means they cannot meet all the medical expenses of their members.

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How Top Up Cover Can Help You Overcome Exorbitant Medical Costs

For some treatments, medication and consultations, there is very often a shortfall. That is a chasm between how much the medical scheme will pay and how much health providers charge.

This difference is known as a self-payment gap – meaning you have to pay for it. That is unless you have an insurance policy to counter this.

All medical aid members all qualify for gap cover. That is regardless of which Discovery medical aid options you have chosen. Do some research and look at the options.

Gap Cover for Discovery Medical Aid

A shortfall policy gives you peace of mind, knowing you won’t face huge ghastly expenses in the event of an unexpected hospital visit.

Significantly, a policy like this is an addition to your Discovery medical aid prices that you pay for your medical aid policy.

Gap Cover for Discovery Medical Aid


These days medical insurance policies are offered by all the major insurance firms including Momentum Health, Fedhealth, Discovery, Old Mutual and more. There are also specialist companies like Complimed and Zestlife that offer gap cover for Discovery medical aid members.

Gap Cover for DiscoveryMedical Aid – Prescribed Minimum Benefits – What are They and How Does it Affect You?

The South African Council for Medical Schemes has laid down almost two hundred Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). This includes 27 chronic conditions.

Every medical scheme in the country has to offer their members cover for PMBs. Schemes must provide cover for all medical expenses associated with PMBs as well as for other events like medical emergencies and cancer treatments.

When the schemes are unable to pay the full amount of such expenses, gap cover for Discovery medical aid will have you covered.


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Gap Cover for Discovery Medical Aid – Unfortunately, Huge Medical Expenses have Drained the Reserves

PMBs have obviously sent the cost of medical aid policies spiralling. It also means that payouts of non-PMB related events have severely dwindled.

That is how gap cover for Discovery medical aid has grown in popularity. So long as you have a hospital plan you qualify for gap cover.

While medical aid schemes are obliged by law to accept anyone who can afford to pay the premiums, gap cover may be subject to a health check-up and other conditions.

Do You Need Gap Cover for DiscoveryMedical Aid?

It would be advisable, however if you are unsure then the best way to figure it out is to chat to a gap cover expert about gap cover for Discovery medical aid.

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