Gap Cover for GEMS Medical Aid

December 18, 2021

Gap Cover for GEMS Medical Aid is essential. Even though we all hope for the best when it comes to medical emergencies.

However, there are times when you may need to rely on specialist intervention, and the costs can be crippling.

From your stay in a hospital to the follow-up visits and the medication you need the costs can run into thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Rands.

And even if it is not a medical emergency, medical costs can soon get out of hand. Especially when you have to pay for chronic medications and specialists.

If you have an excellent medical aid, you might still expect to pay some excess. The doctor or specialist may charge fees more than the prescribed medical aid rates.

Gap cover can help you cope with those unexpected extras and give you extra peace of mind.

What is Gap Cover for GEMS Medical Aid?

Most of the registered medical aid companies, and GEMS, in particular, can offer gap cover insurance. This is a policy that covers the difference between what the specialist charges you and what your medical aid pays out.

There are guidelines regarding standard medical aid rates, and your medical aid plan uses them to determine how much they pay when you claim.

The problem is that the medical practitioners are not obliged to stick to these rates. Often charging more than the rates, leaving you to pay the bill for the excess.

Most people will find themselves covered up to the amount of the standard medical rates but, depending on which specialist you see, the bill can easily be three times more than that.

Gap cover takes the pressure off you in this matter.

The cover is affordable and can start at R55 monthly for a basic cover. If you want something more comprehensive, the premiums will be more, but they are very reasonable.

Gap Cover for GEMS Medical Aid

Getting a Quote

Getting a quote online is quick and easy. If you belong to a South African medical aid scheme, complete the form on this page and submit it to us. We will do the rest for you and provide you with a FREE gap cover quote that best suits your needs.

Gap Cover for GEMS Medical Aid and your Medical Aid policy are Separate policies

Gap cover runs separately from your regular medical aid. You can change your medical aid policy and still hold on to the gap cover.

And, just as you can choose a medical aid plan, you can choose the type of gap cover you want as well. Be it simple or complex.

Remember, if you are a South African and have a medical aid policy you qualify for gap cover.

To get a FREE medical gap cover quote, just complete and send the form on this page

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