Gap Cover Insurance – the Ins and Outs

    April 29, 2020

    Very often, medical treatment and intervention are unexpected and unaffordable. Both the hospital stay and treatment costs can soar before your eyes. So can chronic medication expenses and the need for regular GP or specialist appointments.

    So when it comes to comparing medical aid expenses and policies, you should be looking for overall cover. And you should take out gap cover insurance for those unpredictable and rather frightening expenses.

    Gap Cover Quotes – Medical Aid Gap Cover?

    Most medical aids, including GEMS medical aid and Bonitas medical aid offer gap cover insurance. This is a medical gap cover in the form of short term insurance.  Top-up cover will bridge the gap between what the medical aid pays and what the healthcare providers actually charge.

    You can take out gap cover insurance for as little as R55 per month (and above depending on the type of gap cover medical aid you choose). So it is an incredibly affordable safety net for those unforeseen medical emergencies that your medical aid doesn’t cover – be it falling seriously ill or requiring a hospital stay and treatments. And it’s easy to get an insurance quote online.

    If you belong to a South African medical aid, please complete and send the form on this page and we will send you one FREE gap cover quote

    While there are guidelines as to how much providers like Discovery Health medical aid and Liberty medical aid, amongst others, should cover and how much procedures and diagnoses should cost, these guidelines don’t take into account the real fees healthcare professionals tend to charge which gap cover insurance can conveniently cover.

    Many people’s Discovery medical aid may cover 100% of the scheme rate, but specialists and doctors can charge in excess of 300% of scheme rates. And that leaves you responsible for the other 200%. So it’s a good idea to seek online insurance quotes for gap cover insurance to make sure you’re covered.

    Gap Cover Quotes – The Benefits of Gap Cover Insurance

    Gap Cover InsuranceLike most short-term insurance offerings, gap cover insurance can save you from frightening financial burden. When looking for a scheme to join, ask what the consequences would be of any shortfall you could experience. And then ask exactly how viable it is to take out gap cover insurance.

    If you’re very sure you won’t need gap cover, think about the benefits your family could enjoy with the cover. Some gap cover insurance can cover shortfalls of up to 500% of medical scheme rates. That’s huge peace of mind.

    Does It Really Work?

    Gap cover insurance isn’t linked directly to your current medical aid and it won’t affect your membership in anyway. You can switch service providers and still keep the gap cover. They’re two separate plans.

    Gap Cover Insurance Quotes Online

    Just as there are different types of medical aid policies and cover, there is a variety of gap cover insurance options on the market. Fill in the form on this page to receive an online insurance quote or for a gap cover expert to contact you with a tailored gap cover insurance solution for your needs.

    If you belong to a South African medical aid, please complete and send the form on this page and we will send you a gap cover quote that covers everyone who is on your medical aid



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