Quotations for Gap Cover Online

December 18, 2021

Thinking of taking out short-term Gap Cover Insurance? Then consider getting quotations for gap cover online.

Then it is essential to fully understand the role Gap Cover plays in the medical industry.

It is NOT a medical aid scheme.

It is simply a short-term insurance policy that covers the shortfall between medical aid tariffs and private practitioners’ costs for hospital treatments.

Consumer Confusion Gap Cover In South Africa

Quotations for Gap Cover OnlineMedical aid members often confuse the benefits offered by their schemes.

They misinterpret the cover benefits.

Confusion often arises because medical schemes state that they will pay 100% of hospitalisation costs.

Members then receive nasty shocks when their medical aids do not fully cover the costs of hospital treatments.

That is because medical schemes will only pay 100% of specified tariffs.

Any costs above the tariffs by the scheme, the medical aid members have to settle.

That is why Gap Cover Insurance is so important – it safeguards members from nasty financial shocks and ensures peace of mind when in-hospital treatments have to be undertaken.

Did You Know? – Quotations for Gap Cover Online

It has become the norm for medical practitioners to impose fees up to five times higher than those prescribed by medical aids.

That is because medical specialists such as surgeons, anaesthetists and radiologists are not obliged to adhere to medical scheme tariffs.

Their bills for in-hospital treatments often leave a yawning gap between the amounts medical schemes will pay and what the medical aid beneficiary has to finance for services rendered.

That is why Gap Cover insurance is becoming increasingly popular and necessary for members of South African medical schemes.

Where Do I Get Quotations for Gap Cover Online?

  1. With the advent of the internet, online shopping is easy.
  2. So is obtaining online quotes for gap cover.
  3. All members of medical aids in South Africa qualify for gap cover insurance.
  4. Simply complete the form here to get medical gap insurance at a low cost.
  5. This form of gap cover shopping allows consumers to compare rates, terms and conditions and enables them to tailor their purchase to meet personal needs and budget constraints.


Benefits vary depending on the company chosen by the medical aid member.

While most have similar waiting periods before benefits that will be paid and only offer cover for hospitalisation costs up to a maximum of prescribed tariffs, others will also cover expenses for medical procedures undertaken in doctors’ rooms.

Gap Cover short-term insurers pay benefits directly into medical aid members’ private banking accounts and not to service providers.


To get a FREE gap cover quote, complete the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing