Don’t cancel your medical aid – do this instead

December 18, 2021

Many South Africans are opting to cancel medical aid because it is expensive.

But there is a great alternative!

Don’t Cancel Medical Aid Membership

Either keep the medical aid you have — or even go for another option.

Every medical scheme – including Discovery, Sizwe, GEMS and Bonita – all have hospital plans.

So go for one of those.

But first, consult a financial expert about which one to get.

Cancel Medical Aid

Now you have affordable medical aid.

But this is not enough. That’s because most plan options will not cover all your hospital, specialist and other costs.

The answer is to sign up for an ultra-affordable medical gap cover policy to cover any shortfall amounts.

Get Medical Gap Cover

Don’t ditch your scheme membership. You can get gap cover in South Africa from Zestlife.

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All info was correct at time of publishing