Gap Cover for GetMed

December 19, 2021

Healthcare cover should be such that it is possible for a person to get the care they need. People also want to know that their treatment will be within the financial means of their medical aid. Continue reading this article for more on Gap cover for GetMed.

The truth is that medical aid members have realized that their schemes aren’t paying in full. They are opting to avoid necessary medical procedures because they just can’t afford the treatments, even with a medical aid.

Take your Pick

South Africa has a good range of medical schemes to offer and one of these is GetMed. Their services and products ensure that they are the medical aid of choice for many private organizations who want medical aid for their employees.

Their aim is to provide members with a range of services that are of value and which are affordable. Several plans and products have been arranged for the benefit of members –

  • Getmed Flexible Health Savings Account
  • Getmed Health Protection Plan
  • Getwell Chronic Health Protection Plan….and others.


Gap Cover for GetMedGetMed also provides administration- and risk management solutions for businesses as well as wellness benefits to low to middle-income people.

Belonging to a medical aid such as GetMed doesn’t mean that your hospital medical bills will be paid for you in full. In fact be careful of buying cheaper medical aid options and then expecting gap cover to make up the shortfall.

Be Aware of Waiting Periods – Gap Cover for GetMed

In fact, gap cover providers protect themselves from people who take out policies so as to profit from them. All gap cover businesses, therefore, have a 3 month general waiting period. Women who think that they can become pregnant and then quickly sign up for gap cover will have a waiting period too to take advantage of maternity benefits. There are some gap cover products which have a 12-month waiting period for all pre-existing conditions.

Other aspects of gap cover to take note of –

  • the age limit for new policyholders is no longer 60, and members older than 60 can join, but then the premium will be significantly higher.
  • always check out gap cover providers, of which South Africa has some excellent ones, because of some offer gap cover to all medical aids, while Discovery for instance, only offers gap cover on the Discovery scheme and to some of the schemes which they administer.
  • Anyone can take out gap cover. But they first have to belong to a registered medical aid such as GetMed or one of the many others in South Africa. Gap cover enhances your medical plan’s hospital benefit. Specialists often charge well over this cap, and that excess amount the medical aid won’t pay. Without gap cover, you will have to pay it.


The Benefits – Gap Cover for GetMed

There are many South Africans who haven’t understood how medical aids work and that 100% cover that the medical aid promised didn’t quite turn out to be what they thought it was – medical bills paid in full. Many people have experienced financial ruin for not having gap cover.

The benefits of having this insurance product are huge savings on the ever-increasing cost of medical treatments and huge peace of mind.


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Please note that you must already be a medical aid member when you take out gap cover

All info was correct at time of publishing