Discovery Health Medical Gap Cover

December 19, 2021

What is gap cover for Discovery Health?

  • Gap cover for Discovery Health is an essential health care product
  • Avoid crippling financial costs
  • All medical aid members qualify for gap cover
  • Gap cover is affordable
  • And you can sign up gap cover online

Discovery Health medical aid members must ask themselves if their cover is sufficient for their needs.

Just consider that not all Discovery Health medical aid plans cover all the costs of hospitalisation.

Fortunately, a Discovery gap cover policy to supplement medical aid benefits gives policyholders peace of mind.

Like it or not, gap cover has become a necessity. That is because medical aid schemes seldom cover all the costs involved with medical treatment.

How to beat exorbitant medical costs

In South Africa, it has become commonplace for health providers to charge well in excess of medical scheme tariff ceilings.

Signficantly, this leaves members of medical aids with the onus of having to fork out the cash for the difference in fees.

Discovery HealthAnd these excesses can be financially crippling. However, you can avoid this by taking out gap cover for your Discovery Health medical aid.

Fortunately all Discovery medical aid members qualify for a Discovery gap cover policy irrespective of the medical aid options that have been selected.

What insurance companies support Discovery Health members?

Apart from the Discovery gap cover option, Discovery medical aid members can also obtain gap cover from other leading insurance companies. They include:


Who qualifies? Only Discovery Health members?

Anyone who is a member of a registered South African medical aid scheme, or who has a hospital plan, qualifies for gap cover.

Are there any drawbacks?

In terms of the law, medical aid schemes are obliged to accept applicants who can afford to pay their monthly premiums BUT gap cover may be subjected to medical examinations or other stipulated conditions.

What are Prescribed Minimum Benefits?

Importantly, there are nearly two hundred Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) that have been identified by the South African Council for Medical Schemes.

And these PMBs include 27 chronic conditions.

How do PMBs work?

In terms of the law, all South African medical schemes must offer its members cover for PMBs.

This cover includes all medical expenses for PMBs, including cancer treatments and medical emergencies.

PMBs drain medical scheme reserves

The cost of providing cover for PMB medical conditions has had a huge impact on the spiralling premiums imposed on medical aid premiums.

The other unfortunate impact of PMBs on the medical aid industry is that it has led to substantial cutbacks on non-PMB related medical conditions.

When medical schemes are unable to pay the full amount for non-related PMB conditions, gap cover for Discovery medical aid provides the cover.


There is only one obvious solution to overcome shortfalls in the cost of medical treatment – and that’s a gap cover policy.

Therefore, medical aid members must seriously consider adding gap cover to their healthcare portfolios to safeguard themselves against crippling financial shortfalls.

And that is why gap cover has shown a substantial growth in popularity over the last few years.

Gap cover is affordable and is available online.

Importantly it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

So get a Zestlife gap cover quote for your Discovery Health medical aid plan. Complete and send the form on this page.

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