Gap Cover for Medshield

December 17, 2021

If you’ve been shopping around for medical aid, you soon realise that a basic medical scheme is not going to be enough. You also need a policy that covers extra hospital expenses, like Gap Cover for Medshield

Medical top up cover or gap cover isn’t just a good idea, and it is essential.

This insurance is designed to cover those who are already a member of medical aid for a number of different risks.

A top up plan offered by a company such as Turnberry will boost your cover for a hospital stay up to four times as much.

And, if you are a member of a South African medical aid scheme, you can get your FREE quote by completing the form at the end of this article.

Which medical Aid must I be a Part of to get Gap Cover for Medshield?

As long as you are currently a member of an existing, registered Medical Aim Scheme here in South Africa, you are free to apply for gap cover.

Isn’t Medical Aid Cover Enough?

In a perfect world, it would be. You can no longer rely on getting full coverage from your medical aid while in the hospital. You could be in for a nasty shock when you do need to claim.

A medical aid plan will usually cover your day to day medical expenses. You might just have a small levy to pay. Unfortunately, hospitalisation and specialist cover is a lot more expensive.

Most medical aid policies will cover up to 100% of standard medical aid rates. Hospitals and specialists charge fees more than these rates, and you have to pay the shortfall.

There is no point in simply hoping that you’ll have enough money saved up as the fees are often up to five times more than the standard medical aid rate.

Gap Cover for Medshield

Know what Your medical Aid will Pay

Most medical schemes offer limited in-hospital benefits at best. Have a look at your current policy, and you will see this.

What this essentially means is that the amount that you can expect while being treated in hospital is capped.

This can end up being a problem if you need a longer stay or have to go to a private hospital. And you will have to cover the shortfall if you do not have a medical aid top up plan.

And believe me, it all adds up very quickly – theater and ward fees, scans, anesthetist fees. The hospital even counts every single cotton ball they use.

Medical top up cover, unlike medical aid, will pay the money out to you directly, allowing you to pay the hospital and doctors as quickly as possible.

Gap Cover for Medshield – Still not convinced?

Check with your medical aid provider how much they will pay when you go to the hospital. What are the caps on the policy?

The significant benefit when it comes to top-up cover is that it allows you extra peace of mind. It is an affordable option. You can usually cover anyone who is a dependent on your medical aid as well.

Apply for a FREE gap cover quote now by sending in the form on this page.

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