Medical Gap Cover with No Waiting Period

December 16, 2021

In South Africa, you have to have a medical aid if only to avoid landing up in a state hospital. South Africa has many useful medical aids, but they don’t alway pay out what they should. Many specialists, who aren’t regulated, charge whatever the like. And members of these medical schemes have to bear the brunt and pay the shortfall. If you are a medical aid member, you must get gap cover with no waiting period if you don’t want to be financially crippled by these shortfalls.

No Waiting Period From the Best Insurance Firms

A waiting period with gap cover can be irritating. It can make you nervous because it means there is a period that you do not have gap cover. During this time you can’t claim.

The reason for these waiting periods is to stop or prevent people from applying for cover when they know they are going to be claiming almost immediately.

Waiting times can vary depending on the benefit. The Medical Schemes Act stipulates that there cannot

No Waiting Period

be waiting periods in certain situations such employees moving members from one scheme to the next.

If you change medical aids voluntarily, and you have been a member of a medical scheme for at least two years, your new scheme can impose only a 3-month general waiting period that does not apply to the PMBs.

If you’re adamant you don’t want want to land up in a state hospital you’ll want to do research on gap cover. Hippo was launched in 2007 and is a comparison website, allowing you to compare insurances from different South African brands and to find gap cover which doesn’t have a waiting period, or at least the shortest waiting periods.

Check out Hippo for Gap Cover Comparisons

Check Hippo out to find gap cover that suits you. They’ll find the right gap cover for you and put you in touch with the right provider. Did you know that there are some gap cover providers where there are no waiting periods for gap cover? One of these is African Unity Health. You only pay R 50 a month for membership.

  • There is no waiting period for employees. That is is if they join the gap cover in the same month as they join the company medical scheme.
  • Employees who join during the year will have a  three-month general waiting period.
  • There will be a ten month maternity waiting period

Universal Cover is another medical aid provider who wants to ensure their members never face hefty medical bills. As a licensed financial service provider, they offer a range of insurance products.

Their gap cover, for instance, covers up to 500% of the tariffs of medical aids. There are no waiting periods for individuals or groups who transfer from other providers.

If you are looking for a gap cover provider that offers no waiting periods, why not visit Hippo’s search pages? It’s not to say you’re always going to find what you want, but Hippo at least makes it easy to look at- and compare different providers all ‘under one roof’ to find gap cover that comes closest to what you require.

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