10 facts about medical gap cover in SA

December 16, 2021

Facts about medical gap cover in South Africa are incredible. As a medical aid member, you qualify for this brilliant cover without even knowing it. Here are the top 10 facts about medical gap cover:

Top 10 Facts About Medical Gap Cover

  1. Gap cover covers the gap between what your medical scheme pays for hospital and specialists’ costs and what the actual bill is. In some cases, gap cover policies pay even more than that – such as when your medical saving account runs out.
  2. It is simple. Companies offering medical shortfall cover (same thing as gap cover) have about three options
  3. There are specialised gap cover companies including Zestlife, Turnberry, and Stratum.
  4. Gap cover is cheap compared to the cost of upgrading your medical aid!
  5. You can get medical gap cover online on this page. Just add your contact details to the form, and we will be in touch soon.
  6. Medical gap cover is offered by insurance companies only, not by medical schemes.
  7. Because it works so well, and because it removes the need for you to sign up for a more expensive medical aid options, medical schemes hate gap cover insurance. However, they can do nothing about it because gap cover is completely separate from medical aid.Top 10 Facts About Medical Gap Cover in South Africa
  8. Government is trying to legislate gap cover out of existence as it attempts to move toward compulsory state medical for all called National Health Insurance (NHI). But government’s inability to run anything properly and the sheer popularity of gap cover among medical aid members means gap cover is going from strength to strength.
  9. Your can elect to have extra cover for cancer treatment. And this is a great boon because your medical aid is unlikely to pay the full price for leading-edge cancer treatment.
  10. You need just one medical gap cover policy for yourself and all the dependents on your medical aid.

To get a quick medical gap cover quote, just complete and submit the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing