Gap cover for Resolution Medical Scheme

December 10, 2021

Gap cover for Resolution Medical scheme can save you a lot of money.

Because no matter how good your medical aid is, your insurance might not cover you completely in the event of a stay in a hospital?

It is not that your medical aid won’t pay.

It is rather that they are unlikely to pay the full amount for health care practitioners and centres who charge above the standard medical aid rates.

Gap cover for Resolution Medical scheme

Gap cover is something that you might not have considered until now. Maybe you think it’s an unnecessary expense. Perhaps you think that you’ll never need it.

Let’s face facts for a minute here. You might hope never to end up in a hospital, but someday you are going to be.

Gap cover for Resolution Medical schemeAnd considering how expensive medical care has become, you need to plan for that eventuality. If you need to go to a hospital, do you want to be able to choose a great hospital?

Or do you want to have to go for a low-budget option because you cannot afford to pay the rates the better hospitals charge?

Medical care is expensive. Excellent medical care is even more so. How can you afford the best? Medical gap cover is the answer.

What is Gap cover for Resolution Medical scheme?

Let’s say that you are an expert in your field. Would you be satisfied with earning average industry rates? Of course, not.

Most medical specialists feel the same way you would about earning average industry rates. Standard medical aid rates are in place as a guideline when it comes to what the minimum fees should be.

The problem is that most medical aid policies look at things a little differently. They work on what the procedure ought to cost regarding average tariffs.

Now, depending on what plan you are on, the medical aid will pay an amount over and above the medical aid rate. In most instances, however, they will not.

Even if they do pay more than the bare minimum, they still may not pay enough to cover your bill.

You could be left having to pay off huge medical bills, even if your medical aid pays out exactly according to your policy.

That’s where gap cover comes to the rescue. The gap cover will fill in the difference on your behalf.

And considering the astronomical cost of a hospital stay in this country, that could mean a significant saving on your part.

Can you Afford Not to Have Gap Cover?

Well, that depends on how much money you would be able to lay your hands on in an emergency. And we are not talking about small sums here.

Could you lay your hands on an extra R20 000 to pay in for a minor procedure?
What about an extra R100 000 if you have a major heart attack?

How much are you covered for if you develop one of the dread diseases? What limits are in place with your medical aid for the treatment of life-threatening symptoms?

Having gap cover makes good fiscal sense, don’t you agree?

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