Optimum Group Gap Cover

December 10, 2021

The Optimum Financial Services group has as its primary purpose creating financial independence for their clients throughout their lives.

They offer many services such as life insurance, medical aid cover, insurance products, tax advice, finance products and payroll services.

Medical Aid Gap Cover

Optimum Group Gap CoverMedical aid provider rates paid for inpatient expenses and service provider fees can be vastly different.

A patient may become liable for a remittance shortfall if the medical aid scheme have a limit lower than your in-hospital bill.

So if you are a medical aid member, they would probably expect your medical aid scheme to pay the bills.

That does not always happen. Medical scheme price-lists limits the medical aid benefits. Some health specialists do charge more than the recommended medical plan tariffs (MST), creating a gap or shortfall between the health professional’s fees and the MST.

Your medical aid scheme does not pay for these excess fees; you are liable for them. So the total costs associated with steps that are taken by medical healthcare professionals can add up to a substantial payment gap.

Gap cover is complimentary to medical aid, and not medical aid itself.

About Optimum Financial Services Group

People who are financially independent can follow individual lifestyles. And that necessitates a financial planner who carefully considers circumstances to offer the best financial independence plans.

The maintenance of strict international professional, competence and ethical practice standards, the Optimum Financial Services Group advisors are accomplished enough to deliver cohesive financial solutions. These solutions empower members to take monetary control that enables financial independence goals.

The vision of Optimum is to be the leading South African Financial Services Vendor, eventually expanding internationally.

The most appropriate financial products and advice are what they work hard to provide, coupled with clients’ best interests. Professional advisors and consultants with superior knowledge combine to match customers with products that are unique.

Clients matter to their business, who they aim to cater to with integrity and honesty. So they overachieve in harnessing the motivated, well trained and professional skills of portfolio managers and consultants, believing in themselves to exceed expectations.

Commitment to serving clients professionally is a key goal of the Optimum Group.

Optimum continues regularly adapts its services and personnel, who they believe are their competitive and sustainable difference makers. In addition, our staff are a valuable resource who we equip to go beyond the expectations of our clients.

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